WWE Raw 11/04/2011 Review

Here I review WWE Raw 11/04/2011 and ask what you thought of the show!

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I shall skip Cole coming out as nothing came from that. Out comes Cena to talk about his match against Rock and how it will be a WWE Championship match…That sounds good and all, but I am hoping Cena is not the champion at that time! He then challenges Miz, but Orton comes out instead to say Cena should move on and let someone who won at WrestleMania get a shot. My guess was that Punk would be out next because of Orton, but instead we get Morrison who says he has and everyone else has seen Orton and Cena going for the championship and how things will be better now Morrison is going for the Championship. Vickie comes out to says how she has pinned Morrison and how Dolph should get the chance at the championship. Dolph says how he is obviously the most talented wrestler in the ring and how he has never faced Miz for the championship. Out comes ‘what’s up’ R-Truth…Good, Raw does need to start giving other people the higher push. Truth says how he has never had a one on one for the championship on any show…They all make okay reasons to go for the championship. Cole reads a GM email and announces that the five competitors in the ring will be involved in a 5-man gauntlet match…Okay, this sucks! The wrestlers who start in the ring get beaten up and the later wrestlers have full strength!

Next we get a Awesome Kong promo, where she breaks a dolls head off…Oh yes, this is so making me excited for when she actually does come…Come on now!

Diva’s Championship
Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) vs. Eve Torres

Eve asks the referee to put a mark on Brie Bella so they can tell which twin is in the ring…Clever thinking, but also what a joke! Brie starts doing okay against Eve before in the corner of the ring, Brie misses a elbow attack and the roles reverse. After a dropkick to a hanging upside down Brie, the twins switch, which gets found out by Eve and the referee. Eve then turns around for a Brie X-Factor for the win…Overall, not a bad match, but I would not have given a Bella a Diva’s championship. One of the reasons being I do not think they are the best Diva’s on the show and I do not like diva tag teams.

Sin Cara vs. Primo
I am really hoping we are not looking at another Rey Mysterio! Early in the match the crowd start cheering for Sin Cara. I do have to give it to Cara, he did do impressive stunts! After a headbutt to the mid section Primo, he tries to powerbomb Cara, which Cara reverses into a roll up pin for a two count! Cara throws Primo into the corner of the ring and runs into a dropkick to the face. Primo goes to the top rope, only to get a kick in the head by Cara. Cara then falls to the outside…Botch! Cara gets back into the ring, kicks Primo in the head and does his impressive back flip from the top rope for the win…I will say I enjoyed this match, but still think Cara should have faced someone who does not have the chance of being released soon.

The Corre are in the ring and Wade brings up what Rock and Cena did to them last week and blame Slater ad Gabriel. Gabriel says he is the most talented guy in the ring, who is the interrupted by Slater and then Jackson saying how great they are too…This felt like another step to them breaking up in the future. Out comes Santino, Bryan, Bourne, Mark Henry, and calling themselves Apple! Santino explains their group name means, Allied People Powered Loathing Everything…Okay then! The Apple challenge the Corre to a match, and says “Apple won’t keep the doctor away!” haha! Santino then gets the group to pile up their hands for Apple Power!
The Apple vs. The Corre
This match was nowhere near as good as last week match, so I shall get to the end. After Santino knocks down Slater and does his dropping head butt, Corre come in and the fight begins, before Santino is about to hit The Cobra on Slater, only to get kicked in the back of the head by Gabriel and he stumbles into Slater for the reverse DDT for the win…Meh, this match was nothing special.

Jim Ross comes out ready for Lawlers match, only to get insulted by Cole. At the Cole Mine Jim Ross starts shaking it, which brings out Swagger to try to save Cole, but Lawler gets up and they begin to fight, until a load of referees come and split the group up.

Jerry Lawler (With Jim Ross) vs. Jack Swagger (With Michael Cole)

Throughout the match Cole is shouting out instructions and just like Jim Ross showing support to their wrestler. Swagger goes for Lawlers ankle in the match. After a few corner hits to the head, Lawler hulks up and takes down a strap and starts hitting Swagger around the ring, before getting kicked in the mid section, setup for a gut wrench but manages to escape and drop kicks Swagger into the corner. Cole gets up on the apron to distract Lawler, so Swagger can come up behind him and clothesline him down. Jim Ross comes up behind Cole and pulls him off the apron, which distracts Swagger allowing Lawler to role him up for the win…Well done Lawler and it was good to see Ross having some involvement and little payback for the BBQ sauce attack last week.
After the match, Cole yells and slaps Swagger and says he deserves it for losing the match…ooo dear Cole, you are showing bravery but the next announcement may now cause you problems! King announces that it will be Lawler and Jim Ross vs. Cole and Swagger at Extreme Rules!

A footage of Taker vs. HHH at WrestleMania is shown, with different wrestlers talkiing about how great the two wrestlers and match was.

Backstage, we see Cena and Edge talking shaking hands before Edge walks off.

Edge comes to the ring and says he has been in a lot of pain lately and losing feeling in his arms, how WWE wanted him to take tests which shows he has to retire. The crowd and I cheer thank you Edge! Edge brings up his friendship with Christian, which helped him to remember what he has accomplished in his career. He says how he has won more championships than anyone else. How he could not dream of going out as the World Heavyweight Champion…I thought this may have been the reason why Alberto did not win at WrestleMania. He hopes he has gained the other wrestlers and fans their respect. He says how much he is going to miss everything, how he is not having to wear tights tomorrow and able to eat lots of ice cream! How he would do everything again in a heartbreak! Everyone cheers and thanks Edge, and now you can see how emotional Edge is because of this. As he makes his way backstage he does one last pose on top of the ramp…As much as I knew this day was coming, as Edge has said it before, I did not think it would have been this soon. You will be missed Edge and good luck in what you do next!
Backstage, Edge walks through and gets a round of applause, handshakes and hugs from many wrestlers….So Edge got what he asked for…Respect from the other wrestlers and fans!

5-Man Gauntlet Match For The Number One Contendership
Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. John Morrison vs. John Cena

After a long sleeper hold from Ziggler, a vertical DDT by Orton, we get a surprise but great return of the Nexus, as they interfere in the match it allows Ziggler to roll Orton up for the elimination! Then Otunga, McGillicutty attack Orton…I love the fact Nexus are back…Shame Punk is not in this match or even came down with Nexus! Next, R-Truth comes down. After Dolph kicks R-Truth’s ass, he hits a neck breaker for a two count, but as he picks R-Truth back up, R-Truth hits his finisher for the elimination. After back and forward pins between R-Truth and Morrison, Morrison tries to hit the Starship Pain, but R-Truth moves and runs in and hits the face drop for the elimination…I seriously think WWE are going to keep making us want a Morrison title match before they actually make it happen! We hear one of my favourite chats “lets go Cena/ Cena sucks!” Again they both have time looking good against each other, but obviously Cena was going to get the most action. Later in the match it sounds like the crowd are more behind R-Truth. After the ‘you can’t see me’ fist drop, Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment only for Mz and Riley to come in and attack the two, leading the match to end as a double DQ…What the hell!
After the match Miz on mic says that no one is the contender as they both lost…Lawler reads an email, that says there is not a number one contender but there are two! Miz vs. R-Truth vs. Cena will now happen at Extreme Rules…I do not have a problem with this, I just do not like the fact Cena is getting a rematch, which I predicted he would…Come on R-Truth! R-Truth and Cena clean house, the two shake hands, before jokily pushes each other before they turn serious but R-Truth smiles and walks off…Right, I so thought there was going to be a fight between the two!

Overall, it was a good Raw, but where was HHH? =( I look forward to see what other ideas the WWE have for Extreme Rules and for Edge on Smackdown!

What did you think of Raw?

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