WWE Monday Night Raw 6/6/2011

Analysis and results for the 6/6/2011 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw including the winner of Tough Enough.

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Monday Night RAW would begin tonight with the trainers of Tough Enough Bill Demott, Trish Stratus, and Booker T making their way to the ring as tonight the winner of Tough Enough would be announced. They started by introducing all of the eliminated contestants followed by the introduction of the two finalists Andy and Luke. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the host of Tough Enough would make his entrance to make the final cut. After asking the trainers their thoughts and having a final talk with the two finalists Steve was ready to choose a winner but Vince McMahon rolled in to join the party. After Vince had a talk with the two he thought he would make the decision but Stone Cold wasn’t having that. Austin finally made the announcement and Andy was the winner. To welcome Andy to the WWE Mr. McMahon would slap Andy off of his feet. Austin helped Andy up and welcomed him with a Stone Cold Stunner as Andy rolled out of the ring and Austin called for some Steveweisers for him and Vince. R-Truth would come to the ring and interrupt because he was ordered to apologize to the fans that he assaulted last week or he would lose his title match with John Cena. He ran his mouth for a while and Vince and Steve made fun of his ranting and raving. The Miz then made his way to the ring to complain about Alex Riley costing him the title and claiming that he deserves another shot. Alex Riley came out to offer The Miz another week of beat downs. John Cena made his entrance to try to bring order to the chaos. He reminded Miz that he made him say I Quit repeatedly. He then commended Riley for finally standing up to The Miz. He joined in on making fun of R-Truth as the GM rang in and as Michael Cole was about to read the e-mail, Vince told him to shut up and that he would pick the main event for tonight. R-Truth and The Miz will team up against John Cena and Alex Riley.

First in action would be Santino Marella against Michael Mcgillacutty. Santino was all over Mcgillacutty to start the match. Michael would find an opening by swatting away a drop kick followed by a drop kick of his own. Santino would fight his way back and was all set for the Cobra but Otunga would pull Michael out of the ring. Kozlov would mow down Otunga and Santino would connect with a Cobra to get the pin and win.

Next up was a Diva Tag Team match with Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly taking on The Bellas. Kelly would start off in the ring with Brie who would control Kelly and The Bellas would tag in and out to wear her down. Kelly would power her way out and get to Beth who would immediately take control and go for the pin but The Bellas would break it up, however, Kelly would clear the ring and allow room for the Glam Slam and they would pick up the win.

After that CM Punk would come out and sit on the stage to gloat about beating Rey Mysterio last week as the two would meet up again tonight. Punk would have Mason Ryan at ringside, while Rey would rely on The WWE Universe to have his back. The two would exchange holds to start the match as Mysterio took the upper hand first getting a near fall followed by an arm hold. Punk would counter and get Rey in position for a GTS but Rey would grab the rope. Punk would take control wearing Rey down and tossing him under the ropes into the ring post. He would get a near fall but Rey would continue battling back as the two found themselves on top of the ropes where Rey would regain control. Then as Rey had Punk in position for a 619, Mason Ryan would get in the way. However, Rey stayed focused and used Punks momentum from his missed kick to knock Ryan off of the mat and connect from the top rope and pin CM Punk.

Alberto Del Rio would make his way to the ring next without Ricardo Rodriguez still claiming that The Big Show getting hit by a car was an accident. He says he is being a victim of slander by being called a hit and run coward so he invited The Big Show out so he could apologize. He claimed that The Big Show was afraid of him but Ricardo Rodriguez came to the ring dressed as The Big Show so they could make fun of Show and Alberto warned Show not to become his enemy, as he will get hurt because bad things happen to bad people.

On the card following that would be Zack Ryder who was accompanied by Dolph Ziggler and Vicki Guererro. Zack would face The United States Champion Kofi Kingston who would take control first. Ryder would turn things around and hook up with a Broski Boot but that would not be enough. Kofi would counter and hit a Boom Drop and as Zack was trying to get away Kofi nailed Trouble in Paradise to put Zack away.

Booker T would make his return to the ring in a match against Jack Swagger. These two would trade off momentum, as Swagger would take control first. Booker T would turn things around and connect with some classic Booker moves as Swagger would escape the ring and attempt to walk out as he was counted out but Evan Bourne would blindside Swagger. Jack would chase Bourne into the ring where Booker was waiting and connected with his Scissor Kick followed by a Shooting Star Press by Bourne. The two would cap it off with a double Spinarooni.

Stone Cold Steve Austin would return to the ring to officiate the next tag team match between The Miz with R-Truth and John Cena with Alex Riley. Cena and The Miz would start things off, as Cena would control Miz and tag in Riley. Miz would quickly tag out, as he wanted nothing to do with Riley. Truth gained control first but Riley would turn things around and tag John back in. Truth tagged out, as he did not want to face Cena. John quickly tagged Riley back in who chased The Miz out of the ring, however, Truth tagged Miz on the way out and as the two re-entered the ring Truth caught Riley with a huge boot. Miz would then come in since Riley was down and wear down Alex a bit but could not put him away with Riley in the corner, Austin had to break up action as The Miz was at a five count. Angered by Austin’s actions, Miz charged Riley but met the ring post instead. Alex would not reach Cena for the tag and Truth would enter. Alex would counter and both men would tag out. Cena exploded on The Miz as he hit the Five-Knuckle Shuffle and set up for an Attitude Adjuster but Truth would break it up. Cena would clear the ring and lock in the STF but The Miz reached the ropes. Truth would bring a chair in but Cena would ward him off but him and Miz would collide and both men were down. Riley would enter with a brief case and think about hitting Cena but turned and hit The Miz as Austin was putting the chair back that Truth brought in. The Miz then would walk into a Stone Cold Stunner followed by an Attitude Adjuster and Cena would pin The Miz. As they celebrated the GM would ring in and reverse the decision by disqualifying Cena and Riley. He then ordered that for next weeks WWE All Star Week that Stone Cold be the special guest GM. He asked the universe if they wanted him there next week. They responded with a Hell Yeah as Austin decked Michael Cole and dragged him into the ring. Austin dumped a couple of Steveweisers on Cole then hit him with a Stunner. Cena followed with an Attitude Adjuster to Cole as Steve assured Cole that he will see him next week and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so. Then him and John finished their celebration with some Steveweisers.

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