WWE Monday Night Raw 4/2/2012

Results and analysis for the 4/2/2012 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

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One day after WrestleMania 28, Monday Night RAW would kick off with The Rock making his way out to the ring to address last nights match with John Cena. He started off by thanking Cena and to say that last night was the fight of his life. He showed some love for the WWE Universe and assured his fans that this is not the end, it is just the beginning. He explained that last night he had a vision that he would again be WWE Champion.

Santino Marella would see the first action as he was forced to defend his Untied States Championship in a Triple Threat match with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Swagger and Ziggler would start by teaming up against Santino. Marella attempted to battle back and had both men down as he pulled out The Cobra but Ziggler turned things around. After they double teamed Marella again, Swagger and Ziggler began arguing when Dolph went for the cover. With a fair match under way now, Dolph got pushed out of the ring and Santino nailed The Cobra on Swagger to retain his United States Championship. After the match Swagger and Ziggler would attempt to attack Marella but Brodus Clay came to his aid and took out Ziggler.

Next we would see the debut of Lord Tensai taking on Alex Riley. Tensai would manhandle Riley pounding him from corner to corner and nailing a few unique power moves. The referee called the match as Riley was unable to continue after being brutalized. After the match Tensai applied The Claw on Alex to send a message.

On the card next, John Laurinaitis would force CM Punk to defend his WWE Championship against Mark Henry. Punk would start to take control with a flurry of kicks and chops but Henry would use his power to shift momentum to his side. Mark worked on Punk’s back that was still sore from his match last night. Punk kept battling back and finally countered a Bear Hug into a DDT but only for a two count. Punk nailed another flurry of kicks and got another near fall. Punk had Henry in the corner but got caught going for the high knee with a boot. Mark missed from the second rope but would catch Punk attempting a Springboard and sandwich him in the corner. Henry was dominating Punk and would power through whatever Punk threw at him. Punk then went wild with kicks and chops and took the big man off of his feet. He went to the top rope and nailed The Elbow To The Heart. He followed with two high knees in the corner but as Punk went for The Bulldog, Henry tossed him out of the ring and Punk got counted out because Henry was to dazed to get him back in. Punk lost the match but kept his title. Henry then gave him a World’s Strongest Slam outside of the ring. Jericho came out and brought some alcohol with him and in retaliation to losing last night dumped it all over Punk and in his mouth. He didn’t stop there as he grabbed another bottle and smashed it over Punk’s head.

Sheamus came out next to celebrate his WrestleMania victory over Daniel Bryan for the World Heavy Weight Championship. Alberto Del Rio would interrupt him before he could say anything. Del Rio said Sheamus would not hold the belt for long since he is back to challenge him. Sheamus warned Alberto that The Universe would rather see him Bro Kick someone than listen to him but Del Rio kept flapping his lips so they cut his mic. He retrieved another only to turn around into a Bro Kick from The Great White.

Cody Rhodes made his way down the ramp next to have a contest with Kofi Kingston. Cody grabbed control quick but Kofi turned things around quickly and hit a Cross Body. Cody came back with a Disaster Kick as The Big Show came out to display Cody Rhodes’ embarrassing WrestleMania moment from last night. Cody turned around into Trouble In Paradise and Kingston picked up the win.

In action after that was The Miz facing Zack Ryder. Zack was all over The Miz from the opening bell as he beat on him inside and out of the ring. Back in the ring with Ryder in control, The Miz would find some daylight and gain control. Zack turned things around and nailed The Broski Boot but as he was setting up for a Neck Breaker, Miz countered and showed him to the ring post shoulder first. Miz followed with a Skull Crushing Finale and got the victory.

John Cena made his way to the ring to finish the night off by following up on last nights loss to The Rock. He started off by saying that he will not be a sore loser or make excuses. He also said that this will not be the day that he lashes out at The WWE Universe. He said he was not there to call out The Rock because they have already fought. He said that he was there to invite The Rock to the ring to pay respect to him. He said that he put his heart and soul into last nights match and just came up short. So he again asked The Rock to come to the ring. Instead Brock Lesnar made an entrance. He offered a hand to Cena but instead nailed The F 5 and left Cena laying in the center of the ring.

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