WWE Monday Night Raw 3/26/2012

Results and analysis for the 3/26/2012 episode of WWE Monday Night Raw.

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With less than a week until WrestleMania 28, Monday Night RAW kicked off with The Viper Randy Orton making his way to the ring for tag team action. He teamed up with Sheamus tonight to take on Daniel Bryan and Kane. Randy started in the ring with Bryan as Orton began stomping Danny Boy but missed the Knee Drop. Randy remained in control and tagged in Sheamus. Bryan immediately ran for Kane and tagged out. Kane took control of Sheamus but The Great White powered his way back only to have Bryan distract him and Kane regained control. Sheamus got a tag as did Kane and Orton was hearing the voices and was about to finish Bryan but Kane pulled him out of the ring. Randy attacked Kane as they double teamed The Viper and Bryan tagged out. Kane had momentum and Randy attempted to battle back. Kane set up for Choke slam but Orton countered with a Drop Kick. They both got tags and Sheamus unleashed on Bryan. Sheamus was about to finish Bryan but A. J.  got in the way. Sheamus went for a Bro Kick and missed getting hung up on the ropes as Kane would pop up and choke Slam him. Bryan got the pin and win.

Michael Cole was in the ring next to introduce John Laurinaitis to the stage to accompany David Otunga to the ring for his match with Santino Marella. Booker T named himself the official commentator for Team Teddy since Cole said he was the official commentator for Team Johnny. Otunga got the upper hand and took some time to gloat and wave their flag, so Hornswoggle came in and began waving the Team Teddy flag. Otunga took the flag and took a swing at Hornswoggle but hit the ropes and it bounced back to hit himself. He then turned into The Cobra and Santino got the win. Teddy again put John on his butt and as they argued Santino set up for a Cobra on Laurinaitis but The Miz came to the rescue and took out Marella so he was named the last man on Team Johnny.

Diva action was up next with Eve facing Kelly Kelly. Kelly would get a quick cover but Eve took control and wore down Kelly. Eve missed the Moon Salt from the top rope and Kelly covered for the pin and win.

Next Christian would have a contest with CM Punk. Jericho again appeared on the screen to now reveal that punk is a “Bastard” to try to get under his skin before WrestleMania. Christian attacked Punk from behind but Punk battled his way back and took out some frustrations on Christian pounding his head on the announce table. He then hit a GTS onto the steps and latched on the Anaconda Vise outside of the ring as he yelled “This is you Jericho”. The officials broke him loose once but Punk latched on again. After they finally got him off, they announced that Christian may have been re-injured and might not be able to compete for “Team Johnny” on Sunday. Later this was confirmed as Drew McIntyre will replace him.

The Funkasaurus Brodus Clay was out next to have a match with Curt Hawkins. Curt got the big man down but Clay quickly bounced back and nailed the huge Funkasaurus Splash to put Hawkins away.

The Big Show would see action next with a match against Primo. Show started off by man handling Primo and quickly ended the match with a Choke Slam. Cody Rhodes would come out to pop his lips some more to Show and claim that he will choke at WrestleMania.

Next up we would see Mark Henry go head to head with The Great Khali. Khali took the upper hand first but Henry hit the Worlds Strongest Slam out of nowhere to quickly pick up the victory. Laurinaitis tossed Teddy in the ring  with Henry as the rest of Team Johnny blocked the ring. Team Teddy came for the fight and Kofi got to the ring only to receive a Worlds Strongest Slam. Henry then picked up Teddy but Booker T came to the rescue and hit Henry with The Scissor Kick and took him out. To show his gratitude, Teddy named Booker T the final member of Team Teddy.

The Rock was out next to talk about when he decided that it was the right time for him to come back to WrestleMania. He said that day was last year at WrestleMania 27 when he gave John Cena The Rock Bottom. As he began dictating what he was going to do Sunday, John Cena decided to join the fun. Cena was here to tell The Rock that he wasn’t hearing anything different from what he has heard for the past ten years when The Rock was absent. He then pointed out that every super star, including The Rock has turned their back on the WWE Universe but he has not. He is the real deal. He explained to Dwayne that he is not just a visitor to the WWE, this is his life and that is why he need to win. The Rock said he needed this victory to be the best of all time but more so because he just don’t like him. Then Cena fired back and they ended with some fightin’ words heading into their once in a lifetime match.

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