WWE Girls Without Clothes

No respect, no fame.

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WWE Girls without clothes

                                                                      - No respect, no fame



Important: If you think this article to be some sort of source to photos of WWE girls without clothes or anything concerning that, you are totally WRONG! THIS ARTICLE IS COMPLETELY NEGATIVE ABOUT THAT.


Diva is a figure used by the world wrestling entertainment (WWE) for female talent. (Source: Wikipedia)

WWE Girls without clothes – Skinny figures, perfect hair, hardly wearing any clothes at all, and large breasts. Dressing like sluts, pulling each other’s hair off, screaming a bit and then the fight is over and hardly any kind of wrestling seen in that un-womanly brawl. Just coming inside the ring, pulling each other’s hair, tearing apart each other’s clothes so that their opponents look more exposed or in short words, it can be known as a short clash between characterless women. Yes. These are the qualities you would look for in a WWE Girl or Women, or in my opinion, I would say, women selling themselves for petty bundles for coming into the arena and exposing their opponent more to the public. This game can also be known as tear-your-opponent’s-clothes-and-win-a-fortune.  These matches, indeed, are disrespecting wrestling in the world. People even think of them to be retired porn stars paid to wrestle. It was only weeks ago that Kelly Kelly stripped herself, some Michelle seemed to have her clothes undone yesterday. It’s nothing worth hiding these days.

Why do people find interest in the WWE Girls without clothes: As we all know, the wrestling matches they show on WWE are made-up and the wrestlers are trained not to hurt each other very hard. And so WWE chooses those wrestlers who can endure a lot of smacks rather than those wrestlers who can fight very well and wrestlers who can act very well do also get a chance. (no wonder why Big Show and John Cena have already done a movie)

In diva-brawls, or girl-fights in WWE, the girls come out hardly wearing any clothes at all, and those that they wear, are meant for stripping off by their opponents. That is because most of the fans of WWE (worldwide) consist of guys (more than 60%) and all men fantasize. So if the girls wear a full-body suit, head to feet (which they will never be asked to), it would not attract much fans considering most of the fans are men and people would lose interest in WWE. Considering that, the girls expose themselves by wearing short clothes, and if the audience does not come up with a lot of attention, they strip themselves. These women also ask for money for coming to wrestling matches, which make them no better than a prostitute.

The diva-brawls are planting a very bad influence in the coming generations.

Report: Nowadays, a lot of girls (especially WWE fans) have started thinking of wearing WWE clothes and roaming around in the streets, which makes me pretty sure that that would increase the no. of rape attempts in the United States and United Kingdom by a least percentage of 10.

Take a look: This girl, by her pen-name of ‘skinny blonde,’ has just asked a question on Yahoo! Answers (http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071219030238AAf2CPV). She had just ordered skinny clothes from the WWE shop and asking people what others would think if she would roam around in the streets like a prostitute wearing those. (She is increasing the percentage of rape attempts on her by a percentage of 20) which means men are 20% more likely to rape her. Do give her a negative answer.

WWE should stop women from wearing clothes like those and should try searching other means of attracting more fans into wrestling matches, like making the fights more realistic, with wrestlers being hit badly and not bleeding of ketchup and lessening the unrealistic acting (window-breaking, gate crashing, girls slapping their wrestler boyfriend, divas wasting more time on posing than wrestling).



If you girls do not respect yourselves, how do you expect other people to respect you?

-          17 again (movie – 2009)




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  1. MM Fahim
    Posted September 9, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Every People have to respect their women.because any women cab be a mother/sister/wife.so we have to respect them.

  2. Shuddha
    Posted January 7, 2012 at 9:14 am


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