WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/3/2012

Results and analysis for the 8/3/2012 episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

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Smackdown would get started tonight with Mr. McMahon coming out to announce the new GM of Smackdown, Booker T. He began by thanking Vince and the board of directors but as he was about to kick off the show, Alberto Del Rio interrupted him. Del Rio started sucking up to booker but he wouldn’t have it. As he began to call down Sheamus, The Great White made his way to the ring. The Heavy Weight Champ congratulated Booker and made it clear that he was proud of where he comes from and he couldn’t believe that Del Rio did not want to compete until summer Slam. Alberto said that’s right but Booker said no way and explained that Del Rio will take on Randy Orton. He also ordered a match immediately between Sheamus and Tensai and he had no problem with that.

These locked horns as they battled for position. They traded momentum until Sheamus put the big man on the mat. It didn’t take long for Tensai to battle back but Sheamus used his strength and agility to get control and send Tensai out of the ring. Back in the ropes Tensai turned things around momentarily before The Champ sent him out of the ring once again. Tensai countered and sent Sheamus back first into the ring post and moved the action back in. He would get a two count but Sheamus continued to battle back. Finally, he caught Tensai going to the ropes and sent him to the floor again. Sheamus hit a Power Slam but failed when he attempted White Noise. Tensai hit a Power Bomb but it was only good for a two count. As he began to get the upper hand again he missed in the corner and Sheamus nailed The Brogue Kick to get the victory.

After Booker T hired Teddy Long as his Senior Advisor, Antonio Cesaro would be in the ring to take on Santino Marella in a rematch from last week. Cesaro took control first and would dominate Marella. Santino found a couple of counters and went for The Cobra. Antonio caught him the first time but The Cobra was successful on his second attempt. He went for the cover but Cesaro’s leg was under the ropes. Santino argued with the ref and Cesaro caught him with his finishing move to get the pin and win. 

A Six-Man Tag Team Match was up next with Chris Jericho, Christian, and Kane facing off with Daniel Bryan, The Miz, and Dolph Ziggler. Christian started the match with Daniel Bryan who immediately took control. Christian turned things around and tagged in Kane who began destroying Bryan. Miz tagged in and Kane hit a huge upper cut before letting Jericho in. Ziggler distracted Chris allowing Miz to tag him in but Jericho was ready for him. Both men tagged out as Christian and Miz entered the match. Miz had the upper hand on Christian as they made some quick tags to wear Christian down. Dolph got a couple of two counts before letting The Miz have a turn. Christian kept battling back and found a tag to Jericho. Miz tagged Bryan but Jericho was on fire. He hit The Lime Salt but Dolph broke up the near fall. All the Superstars entered and when it was cleared Jericho locked in The Walls on Bryan. Ziggler attempted to break it up, while Vicki entered, using the money in the bank briefcase but Y2J caught him with a Code Breaker. However, Bryan was waiting and rolled Chris up to get the victory.

Jinder Mahal was called up next to take on Ryback after fleeing their last match and getting counted out. Ryback didn’t waste any time in this match and began destroying Mahal. Jinder recovered momentarily but as soon as Ryback regained control he rolled out of the ring and got a microphone. As Ryback gave chase, Mahal hit him in the eye with the mic but did not phase him so Jinder high tailed it out of the arena. 

R-Truth came to the ring next accompanied by Kofi Kingston to take on Darren Young who came out with Titus O’Neil and AW. Truth began pounding Young and had firm control until he got too anxious and Young pulled down the ropes sending him to the floor. AW distracted the referee allowing Titus to get a couple of cheap shots on Truth, however, Kofi had his partners back and took care of O’Neil. Kofi chased AW back stage distracting the ref again allowing Titus to get involved. Kofi came back but was too late and as Truth turned his attention to O’Neil, Young caught him with his finisher and got the three count.

The final match of the night would be Alberto Del Rio taking on Randy Orton in his return to Smackdown. Del Rio got a few quick shots on The Viper working on the arm but Orton quickly turned things around and displayed some classic Orton wrestling. Del Rio found a counter and got Randy out of the ring where he took control. Back in the ropes Alberto remained in control but got caught with The Back Breaker. He missed The Flying Knee and Del Rio got a two count. He mocked The Viper on the floor before going back to work on Randy.Orton escaped a shoulder in the corner and Del Rio met the ring post. Orton nailed The Scoop Slam followed by a Hanging DDT. He set up for the RKO but Ricardo Rodriguez interfered. After the match Del Rio attempted to attack Orton but got kicked out of the ring off of the top rope. As he retreated up the ramp, Sheamus escorted him back to the ring allowing Randy to nail The RKO and Sheamus said “Welcome Back Fella”.

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