WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8/10/2012

Results and analysis for the 8/10/2012 episode of WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

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Smackdown kicked off tonight with Booker T coming to the ring and doing a Spinarooni and to address the actions of Sheamus on RAW. He ordered Sheamus to apologize in front of the WWE Universe, to Alberto Del Rio for borrowing his car. Sheamus came out and explained his actions. He said Del Rio tried to take away his dignity by calling him down last Friday, so he took his car. He did apologize to Booker T, the WWE Universe, and Del Rio but Alberto did not feel that was enough. He said that he filed a report with the police. Booker reminded him that if he pressed charges Sheamus could not defend his title. Sheamus had a different solution as he offered to have a title match tonight instead of SummerSlam and Del Rio agreed. 

First action of the night would be Sin Cara taking on Cody Rhodes. Cody tried to get into Sin Cara’s head by talking about why he wears a mask but Sin Cara started off quick. Rhodes slowed the tempo and gained control. He wore Sin Cara down but kept trying to remove the mask. Sin Cara found a counter and started building momentum but Cody turned things around. However, Rhodes again went for the mask and Sin Cara rolled him up and got the pin.

Daniel Bryan made his way to the ring next and began shouting “NO,NO,NO” to the crowd. He then started complaining about his SummerSlam match with Kane. He claimed that he deserved better than that. Kane made an entrance and A.J. was right behind him. Bryan started to leave the ring but she told him to get back in. She claimed that she made the match because they are both gifted athletes but she clearly was favoring Kane. Then she ordered Bryan to shake Kane’s hand but Kane started pounding Daniel. He turned things around for a moment but Kane regained control so Bryan fled through the crowd. 

Jinder Mahal was up next and he would be taking on two local wrestlers in a 2 on 1 handicapped match. It took about one minute for him to lock on The Camel Clutch and force one to tap out. After the match he threw the other man in and applied a Double Camel Clutch. Ryback came to the ring and Mahal bailed out so Ryback hoisted both men on his shoulders and “Finished It”.

Jericho was up next to host his show “The Highlight Reel”. As he started to introduce his guest, Dolph Ziggler, Vicki broke in and said Dolph would not be coming but she would talk on his behalf. He made fun of her for a while before she threatened to walk out. Chris responded “Get the hell out of here then”. He laughed and told her he was kidding and rolled some footage of Dolph’s match from RAW that he lost. He said Dolph can’t even win the little matches. He made fun of her some more and Vicki told him that Dolph will show him in their match at SummerSlam. He responded with “Y2J is back baby!” Dolph attempted to attack him with the Money in the bank briefcase but Chris ducked it and put him on the mat. Jericho turned his attention to Vicki who slapped him and Dolph hit a Zig Zag from behind. Ziggler followed by hitting Jericho with the briefcase. 

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth came out next to watch the number one contenders match between The Prime Time Players and Epico and Primo. Young and Epico got things started and Young got the upper hand and tagged in O’Neil. Titus made a quick tag as Epico got a tag also. AW tossed a glass of water on the Tag Team Champions and ran into the ring. Young and O’Neil got in the way so Kofi and Truth took care of them. However, since the interference was on The Prime Time Players, Primo and Epico were disqualified.

On the card next would be Antonio Cesaro facing Christian. As they fought for control, Christian sent Cesaro flying out of the ring. Outside of the ring Antonio turned things around and moved the action back in. He went to the second rope but landed on Christian’s  feet. Cesaro kept battling back but Captain Charisma used his experience to remain in control. Cesaro did hit a Crushing Upper Cut but only good for two. He went for The Neutralizer but Christian  countered and hit a Spear to get the victory. After the match Cesaro roughed Christian up after attacking him from behind.

Rey Mysterio would see action next against The Miz. Miz took control first by failing to make a clean break in the corner. Mysterio kept fighting back and got the upper hand momentarily. Miz began to wear Rey down and went to the top rope. Mysterio caught him with a Drop Kick in id air and after a few shots went to the ropes himself. Miz met him on top and they battled back down. Rey dialed up the 619 but Miz caught his legs. He went  for The Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio countered and rolled him up for the pin and win. 

The World Heavyweight Championship would be on the line in the final match of the night. Alberto Del Rio was out first followed by The Champion Sheamus. Before the bell rang, a number of police officers came down the ramp. It turned out they were impostors hired Del Rio to beat down Sheamus. He fought them off for a while but they finally over powered him and held him up for Del Rio to get a couple of free shots on him. He then locked in The Cross Arm Breaker to weaken the arm before their match at SummerSlam.

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