WTF, Christian at BFG, Austin at Wm 30

Commenting on little news in the squared Circle.

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English: Jerry Lawler WWE Monday Night Raw 800th Tampa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                          “WTF, Christian at BFG, Austin at WM 30”
Well let’s just jump right into it with both feet. There was an unconfirmed report that HHH is really about to be named CEO this fall and Vince is retiring to chase his grand daughters around the tomato garden until he drops dead like Vito Corleone. I’m not sure what to think about this other then if this is a real power shift then they need to get things done quickly and quietly as they can so they push off into a new direction.

More unconfirmed nuggets from back stage have HHH and Superman Cena getting into a shouting match after Raw this past Monday because Cena cut his part of the CM punk Lawler thing short. It’s also being reported that Cena is very unhappy with his character and is getting more and more vocal about it. I still can’t believe that they have screwed this whole thing up so badly. They had their new Stone Cold like Anti Hero Character with CM Punk and they put a muzzle on him. They have worn the Cena Character out until he is lucky to get 50/50 cheers. And now HHH leadership is going to be tested early in his new career. Can he keep his number 1 talent happy and still selling the merchandise? Stay tuned.
Speaking of Stone Cold, he has been talking about a match either for WM 29 or WM 30. He has said that it has to be a main event which shouldn’t be a problem but who does he wrestle. Well it’s more then likely going to be 30 so booking that far in advance is pointless. He doesn’t have any old Axes to grind with anyone of the Superstars so it will hopefully it will be the straight edge Punk Vs the Beer drinking Austin. The thing is there has to be some sort of payoff for the winner. I was thinking that Austin could put up the smoking skull belt but I don’t know what to have punk put up. Any body got any ideas leave them in comments.

English: CM Punk WWE Monday Night Raw 800th Tampa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Jerry Lawler WWE Monday Night Raw 800th Tampa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the TNA WWE  tampering suit in full swing , Flair is in Limbo as far  as coming back to the WWE so I was shocked to find out that Christian is going to be the one to induct Sting into the TNA hall of fame.  TNA wanted Flair to do it but since the lawsuit that isn’t going to happen. Man it just has to suck being Christian right now. WWE acts like the don’t really want you and TNA is in the middle of its best run since they have been around. I am sure that he is having a little regret about leaving TNA to go back to a company that still to this day sees him as nothing more then a mid card guy

Finally a word of advice. If the Tag teams are on the rise and Curt Hawkins is without a partner since Reks got Future endeavored. Why not put him back with Zach Ryder and reform the edge heads. Just food for thought.

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