World Biggest Bodybuilders Ever

A brief introduction to the world’ most extreme body builders.

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How bodybuilders extreme their bodies really matters. Each day, they spend long hours in the gym, and stuffing themselves into a variety of products and then look like big giants.

Greg Valentino: 

This guy is one of the most extreme bodybuilder in the world. He had started dense training at the age of 13 and a few years later, the width of his arms muscles reached at 46 cm. After 23 years of classical training he began experimenting with steroids to help his muscles up to 71 cm.

Markus Ruhl: 

At the age of 23 Markus had already begun to strengthen his body muscles. Today he is probably the broadest shoulders bodybuilder in the world. His chest measured over five feet.

Noah Steere: 

He is probably the highest bodybuilder. With his extra ordinary big and strong muscles, he looks a real freak of nature.

Ronnie Coleman: 

The most important event for all bodybuilders in America is the Mr. Olympia and Ronnie Coleman is the winner of this great event, this victory making him the most successful bodybuilder in the world.

Greg Kovacs: 

Greg is really great. His extra ordinary height and body width with strong muscles, making him one of the toughest bodybuilder.

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