Who Truly Owns WWE?

Is Vince truly the man with all the power?

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We all know the creator, chairman, and main boss of WWE is Vince McMahon, but the true owner of a company is not just the one with the title of chairman.  The true owner of a company is the one that holds the most power.  It was proven last night on Raw that Vince McMahon lacks a bit of power.  Vince is in a company that really depends on a lot of people.  Vince likes to think that he holds all the power in the company, but the truth is that in society majority rules.

The majority in the WWE is actually the WWE Universe, which is what they consider the company fan base.  Without the WWE universe there would eventually be no company.  They are considered under the saying that the customer is always right.  If WWE lost all the customers they would eventually have a huge downfall and be unable to continue due to lack of funds.  But also that puts one other group in front of Vince McMahon.   

This group is what causes the WWE universe to tune in every week and pour money into the company.  This group is the superstars and divas.  Without the superstars and divas the WWE would be nothing.  It would be an empty stadium with a ring and Vince McMahon.  Not many people tune in to watch an empty stadium.  Therefore Vince actually needs the superstars and divas to bring in ratings so that he can continue to have a company.

It was proven last night by John Cena that Vince lacks a great deal of power due to his dependence on certain superstars.  Last night there John Cena played the “I’ll walk out” card against Vince.  Vince knew that he couldn’t lose Cena because that would rule out the main event at the upcoming pay-per-view and would take out the highest rated superstar on Raw.  So in order to counter this, Vince had to bow to Cena’s wants in order to keep his ratings up.  This pretty simply proves that Cena currently is slightly over Vince because Vince actually at the moment needs Cena more than Cena needs Vince.

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