Where in the World is GI Ho?

My favorite female wrestling leaves the sport before I even knew she existed.

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A couple of years back ( last year I think) I bought a couple wrestling DVDs at Best Buy. It was a female wrestling looked really sleazy. Well long story short, it wasn’t nearly as “good” as advertised ( what is), lots of thongs but the nip slips were censored, girls had pasties under their tops. Still there was something interesting about it. For female wrestling it was really hard edged. The wrestling promotion was DWOW or Dangerous Women of Wrestling. The DVDs that I bought were released after Dangerous Women of Wrestling had folded and a new promotion Women’s Extreme Wrestling had acquired most of the talent. The original live shows were really raunchy and included legit wrestling followed by gimmicks like oil wrestling, shaving cream wrestling, fruit cocktail wrestling and even wet T-shirt competitions. The chicks were really hardcore. A lot were ex strippers turned wrestler a with some indie and former WWE female wrestlers, like Ryan Shamrock. The two most popular were homegrown strippers turned wrestlers Tai “killer” Weed and GI Ho. Both girls were awesome.

Tai was billed as the smoked out icon and, reminiscent of the Sandman, came to the ring with beer in hand and usually a Singapore cane. In her early matches she wore chaps and a thong with a halter top, but after going legit, and at certain venues she had to wear shorts. She was foul mouthed and awesome to watch, her signature move was the topless leg drop. Her taking off her top was like Hulk Hogan “hulking up” or Jerry Lawler pulling down his strap. I have yet to see it uncensored and she has now apparently found religion. She still wrestles but now in jeans and a T shirt ( with a bra even!) She is still gorgeous though and one of the biggest draws of the promotion.

The highlight though was GI Ho. I don’t know what it is, I have seen prettier girls but damn she just had this charisma and she took her in rings bumps like a pro. She missed a top rope dive landed across the ropes on her side of her abdomen and still finished the match. Not only that she came back for the oil wrestling match later that night. The promoter said she had to have help getting her boots off she was so bad hurt but she gutted through it. If she had not been involved in the more sleazy matches and stunts like whipping off her top to celebrate a win she might have gotten a look from World Wrestling Entertainment. She left the promotion and I have heard various reasons. I think she initially left due to pressure from her boy friend and then the promotion was pissed at her for leaving and wouldn’t bring her back. She went back to dancing at one point but I supposedly she was a security guard for a while in the Philadelphia area. There is no Wikipedia info and as far as I know only management and her coworkers knew her real name. I really wish she would give wrestling another chance . Its sad because she had already left the sport before I ever heard of her. there is a new GI Ho but she is nothing like the original. Like I said I have seen girls who would more fit the traditional beauty definition, I have seen “hotter” strippers but this girl had…something. The new one can’t touch her, she bears the stigma of replacing someone who for me has become and American icon in just a couple of matches. I never got to actually see her topless. She had her top pulled off in one match I have but was wearing pasties due to the venue not allowing nudity.


The promotion is planning a come back and I know they would love to have her back. I think she has been gone for several years so who knows if she would be willing.
I re watched all of her matches that I had on the DVDs last night. There are a couple of DVDs on the market featuring her and I will buy them as soon as I can. There are also Video on Demand downloads but being on satellite makes for a long download. Plus I’m unemployed right now and really can’t justify the purchase. If I had the money I’d be tempted to fly to Philadelphia and make the rounds of the strip clubs and local wrestling matches. Like I said I don’t know why she hit me so hard, but dammit she did. Like a lot of her fans say she had heart, and she was hungry and she just exuded personality. Oh well if anyone sees her around Philly, stripping or walking patrol, tell her the Dixie loves her.

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