Update on Alberto Del Rio, Beth Phoenix Injured

Update on Alberto Del Rio and Beth Phoenix is injured.

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According to Nodq.com, Alberto Del Rio has suffered a groin injury and he has been checked out by trainers last night. It seems that he is sore, but not going to miss any time. Also, Beth Phoenix was injured during her match against Alicia Fox. She has a nasty lump on the side of her face. Here are the details on both of them:

Alberto Del Rio and Beth Phoenix were both injured at Monday’s WWE RAW Supershow from Philadelphia.

Del Rio was carried out of the building by trainers after Raw went off the air. There was some fear that he may have suffered a groin injury, but after being checked out by WWE trainers, he’s said to be doing alright. He’s not expected to miss any ring time, despite some soreness.

Beth Phoenix has a nasty lump on the side of her face following her match with Alicia Fox. At this time, it’s unclear at what point in the match the injury takes place, but it looks like she has a golf ball sticking out of her right temple. She tweeted:

@AliciaFoxy tried her hardest to destroy my face. There will be hell to pay for trying to tarnish my beauty.”

“After hours in the trainers room, I broke a lot of mirrors with my fists.

Phoenix’s partner Natalya tweeted a message of support:

“@TheBethPhoenix i am sorry to see what happened on Raw…But we are still UNBREAKABLE.”

That was posted at at 1:14am on Nodq.com. Here is more on Alberto Del Rio:

As noted before, Alberto Del Rio suffered what was believed to be a groin injury at last night’s RAW Supershow. Del Rio is sore but word is that he will be OK, but still is undergoing further evaluation before an official decision is made. Apparently the injury came to Del Rio when he was missile dropkicked by Daniel Bryan.

I feel sorry for Alberto Del Rio. I hope that Alberto gets better.

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