UFC vs. WWE, Which One Do You Prefer?

Here is what I think.

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UFC and WWE, without a doubt two of the most viewed shows in the world. Both show have huge fan base. UFC is real fighting, which means whatever happens at an UFC event is real. On the other hand, WWE is scripted; the outcomes are fixed before matches even start.

To me, WWE takes the cake. I have been a WWE fan since my early childhood and I have a strong bond with WWE. I have tried to watch UFC, but to be honest it did not excite me as much as WWE does. I am not questioning the quality of UFC, I just think WWE is more exciting.

Although I have to say WWE does not have the same quality it once used to have. WWE was gold between 1996-2005, after that it started to go downhill. Still if I have to choose between UFC and WWE, I will probably pick WWE.

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