To Heel or Not to Heel

Booking the WWE gets murkey.

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I have been so casually watching the WWE for quite a while now and not reporting on it mainly because there hasn’t been much to say. While the rivals to the south have been making a slow but steady “ Impact” , pardon the pun, the WWE has been so distracted by outside influences that their product is really suffering.

Brock Lesnar This picture is not copyrighted. I took it with my digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To begin with they have so much time and money invested in a part time talent that heart just isn’t into it. I have seen Brock Lesnar wrestle twice in two forgettable matches that look more like MMA fights then wrestling Matches. His chief weapon in which he has supposedly broke the Arm of HBK and HHH twice, is a hold that would more then likely dislocate a person’s elbow before you broke their arm.

Brock Lesnar at a SmackDown! taping in Tacoma, WA on February 10, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s like Lesnar has forgotten that it’s wrestling. Like he is doing the minimum amount of work and not playing to the crowd at all. Add to the fact that he really can’t function without the puppet master Paul E‘s hand up his ass and you get a lack luster program wasting top WWE talent that could be used better. 
CM punk is in the middle of a slow heel turn that would make a turtle put on his Nikes. It isn’t so much that its slow, it’s just meeting some resistance from the fans that still like Punk. When put him and Cena together , half the people still boo Cena and Punk still gets cheered more then booed it seems very contrived to make Punk into the bad guy . Like the notion that Punk some how stole one Sunday night throwing Cena out and cleaning up his finisher for the win. I mean it pretty bad when you got to use the King to sell Punk as the bad guy in all of this.

English: CM Punk WWE Championship MITB in Chicag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jericho has had his sendoff and I am sorry to see him go. I think that getting Ziggler over was his main objective, but isn’t Ziggler going to have to go face sometime soon in order the Smack Down title picture to clear up.  Sheamus is being groomed for bigger things so they won’t mess with his character . So its Del Rio and Ziggler for the world heavyweight belt . so it begs the question what happens to Vicki. The eternal heat magnet might have to go looking for a new studd in her stable for this one to work. Ziggler is the next big thing to move up in the world and he might just have to shed some excess baggage to do so.

Big news on the tag front . The Prime Time Players are now rudderless as AW was given his walking papers a few weeks back . AW was a part of the whole “ Master Plan”  of revitalizing the tag team division when he jump ship from the Colons to the PTP a while ago . Then one crappy Kobe Bryant rape Joke and he is out the door . While what the guy did was stupid , it doesn’t really warrant termination unless your boss’s wife is running for senate again.  I said this the last campaign , if she cant handle some of the old questions about content of the shows , how will she handle the question of why they actively discourage their employees from organizing and unionizing .

Finally , Karma’s gone , yeah I didn’t get it either. All sorts of rumors have floated out around the net about why, from the tragic loss of her baby to she was to fat and out of shape and wasn’t willing to go along with the changes they wanted. My theory is very simple , they burried Gail Kim for the duration of her run and that was no small task. Karma’s pregnancy just made it much easier to bury her. And why did they do it, because they can.

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