TNA Final Resolution 2011

TNA presents a great night of wrestling action entitled Final Resolution. A thirty minute Iron Man Match highlights the show between AJ Styles and defending TNA Champion Bobby Roode. Jeff Hardy meets Jeff Jarrett in a high stakes steel cage match and James Storm takes on Kurt Angle. You don’t want to miss this night of great wrestling action on TNA Final Resolution 2011.

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It is time to take a look at the final TNA Pay Per View of the year, Final Resolution 2011, airing on December 11th 2011. Tonight Bobby Roode defends the TNA Championship against AJ Styles in a thirty minute Iron Man Match and Jeff Hardy meets Jeff Jarrett in a Steel Cage Match, with Karen Jarrett handcuffed to Sting. If Jeff Hardy wins, he gets a TNA Championship shot and either Karen or Jeff Jarrett are gone. If Jeff Jarrett wins, then Jeff Hardy is gone. Time to detail all of the action that you get when you watch TNA Final Resolution 2011.

TNA Final Resolution 2011


Rob Van Dam defeated Christopher Daniels


Not a bad opener but it was kind of flat. Five Star Frog Splash gets the pin and Rob Van Dam is your winner.

Mickie James is ready for her match with Gail Kim for the TNA Knockout’s Title.

Robbie E defeated Eric Young to retain the TNA Television Title.


British people fight dragons so they don’t get all fiery. You’re welcome.

Pope and Devon are ready but Pope badmouths Devon behind his back, saying that Devon’s kids look up to Pope like the father they never had. Ouch.

Matt Morgan and Crimson defeated Devon and the Pope to retain the TNA Tag Team Titles.


Match was kind of…well it wasn’t good, but it could have been a fiasco of epic proportions. Since the bland and uninspiring matches are out of the way, hopefully the Pay Per View will pick up from here. Devon gets pinned with a double choke slam and Pope is not too pleased.

AJ Styles is banged up but he’s ready to go for it in the main event later.

Austin Aries defeated Kid Kash to retain the X-Division Title


Austin Aries remains to be the best pound for pound wrestler in TNA. This was a pretty good match, both men trying to out heel the other and it was pure wrestling magic. Kash tries to nail Aries with the belt but Aries fights him off. Then Aries hits the brain buster to get the pin. Austin Aries is still the X-Division Champion and I do wonder if this is far from other.

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