That Lady Wrestler Diva Look &Ndash; And How to Get It

Why lady wrestlers look good – and how you can look good too.

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You have to admit that the lady wrestlers we see on TV are a good-looking lot. All right, a few of them might have too much obvious muscle, but most of them are very shapely and very feminine.


But let’s face it, wrestling is a violent sport, not the kind of activity

you would associate with the fair sex, so you would expect women wrestlers to have rippling muscles and powerful physiques in line with their male counterparts. But this is not usually the case. Then the question is – how do these women manage to build up their strength so much that they are able to life up their opponents with ease and then slam them to the mat? And another question is – how are they able to maintain such good figures without showing much sign of muscle development?


Well, these young women are not your average housewife or office worker, they are athletes. And not your ordinary athlete either, because to compete in a wrestling match means being very, very fit. So the lady wrestlers, the divas, we watch every week, are not there by chance, they are there by dint of hard work, and this hard work involves constant training and working out.


And in working out these athletes must do cardiovascular exercises that raise the heart rate, such as running, sprinting and cycling and then exercises to strengthen the lower body, lunges, squats, leg curls and so on. For the upper body it’s working on the machines doing vertical and shoulder presses, triceps kickbacks, and after that plyometrics, skipping with a rope, stair jumps, and sideways box jumps. Then to finish off the routine they do thirty minutes of aerobic exercises.


So becoming a wrestler, a star, a diva, is no easy task. But exercising and working out is not enough, these activities must go hand in hand with a correct diet. This should include skimmed milk, baked potatoes with no additions such as butter, egg whites but no yolks, high-fiber cereals and bread, no meat but proteins from sources such as soy, black, pinto and other types of beans, and plenty of fruit. For the best results the diet should be as varied as possible.


And water, a lot of water, must be consumed throughout the day. In working out wrestlers will lose a great deal of water through sweating, and this must be replaced.


So it is clear that to become a wrestler requires time, determination and discipline. However, as wrestling is a sport which probably doesn’t appeal to everyone it’s not necessary for your average woman to attain a Diva’s level of fitness. Just following some of the Diva’s exercises and basing their food intake on the Diva’s diet outlined above will certainly help them obtain the Diva look.



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