Squared Circle Blog;nxt How for is This Thing Going

More on the NXT angle.

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“ Squared Circle Blog; NXT How far is this going to play out”

This past Monday’s  yet Raw another show that still isn’t any better then what TNA is doing got off to its usual slow start . The NXT Angle took yet another turn when the “7” started out handing out apologies to one and all for their actions over the past few weeks . The big boss was there trying out A new Gimmick. The General Manager is now a faceless computer screen making matches via E mail and Cole relaying them to the crowd.  With Bret Hart being written off the show for as yet unclear reasons, this is the direction they are headed in with this story.

The Hart Dynasty picked a minor skirmish with the”7” when they broke up Natalya’s first match on Raw and her first match period in months. They then at the end of the show cost Cena a rematch with Fry lock , sorry Sheamus. Vince ,who was the guest referee , revealed that he was at least partly responsible for the NXT Invasion and as he talked himself up, the “7” began to circle Vince like lions circling a wounded Gazelle . Then they turned on Vince and Beat him down in the middle of the ring while Cena lay unconscious under an over turn announcer table.

Lets see , this storyline , brilliant as it may be, has cost them a future star in Bryan Danielson . Cena doesn’t really need to be getting his Bell rung ever week the way he has . They now have “7” guys under contract that based on past creative issues wont have much to do. Add to it the fact that if your going to do something like this , why are you leaving Smack Down out of the loop. Some where down the  line they are going to have to pump Smack Down back up before you move it to the Sy Fy channel . There has to be an end game to this and know it has involve a faceless puppet  master behind the curtain . 

The Danielson thing is still what gets me the most . A Future star in the making , the first mistake they make is putting him in Florida Championship Wrestling  to begin with . This is a ten year veteran of the Indy circuit , how much more polish could he need. Mistake number two, changing his name . why would you change the name of a guy that has been around that long . Whether you like it or not Vince , at least part of your fan base watches your completion as well. don’t change the names of popular people like Bryan Danielson, Ron Killings and yes even Chris Harris. The third and final mistake, giving in to whatever faceless weasel who complained about Danielson for doing his job . This is something that would have never happened back in to the day when you almost went broke fighting off World Championship Wrestling  and if The two idiots calling the shots in TNA would really look at it , they could see that you are vulnerable .

Well , Hart is out and they have turned on Vince . HHH is supposedly not do back until Summer Slam , so any way you slice it unless something totally off the wall happens , this angle is dying a slow painful death. Tough luck guys but its not you have motivation to come up with something else fresh and new…..

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