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General ramblings in my head about listening to some of the Marks on the net.

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                                      “ Squared Circle Blog”

                         Trying to drown out the Marks in my head

Right out front , there are some rumblings around the net that Batista has an interest in MMA. Even going so far as to have a Video of himself working out at the Affliction Gym . Lets get this clear , pro wrestling is note a e ticket to get into the MMA game . People like Angle , and Batista who have been in the wrestling ring for a while have no business getting into the cage, or Octagon , or Pride Ring . First of all their to old and beat up to go up against people who are more likely younger and in better shape . And while Angle’s skill as an amateur would be a plus for him, somebody like Brock Lesnar who knows Curt’s Weaknesses wouldn’t hesitate to work on Curt’s bad Neck . And lets not kid any one , Big Dave would get eaten alive by Lesnar or Bobby Lashley .

On to the walking wounded from Sunday. You can Add Cena’s name to the list as he lost a Tooth in his I quite match with Batista . Still in all, Orton’s shoulder seems to be the worst casualty and I really cant see him working a Four way in less then a month so their Booking for “ Fatal Four way “ is screwed up. If there is one thing I know its shoulders ad if Orton has had problems with the same one for that long it aint good

Interesting debut on Raw this past Monday. Rikishi’s twin sons , going buy the Samoan Soldiers I think, jumped the Hart dynasty Monday night . They looked pretty good but I have to wonder would they have  been pushed through FCW so quickly if Carlito hadn’t had his melt down and gotten fired . The Colons where about to be reformed and get a push as Heels against the Harts. One things for sure , with Carlito Gone, the Latino demographic is still very important to the company so Rey’s  position is a lot stronger then it was a week ago.

And know Id like to chat a little about this whole Bryan Danielson, Miz , Michael Cole thing that is the only thing making NXT watch able  for the rest of it’s short life. I guess what I really don’t get is how can they fall totally Bass Ackwards into the most compelling storyline on any of their shows , and sit in a room and struggle to come up with the crap they have been giving us for the past few months . They have front loaded their number one show with all of the stars and they continue to go through the motions and give the fans nothing but the boring shows week after week. A lot has been said how bad TNA is well they may be bad , but at least they are making an effort to try and improve themselves. The numbers come in and considering how loaded the show was, it wasn’t all that good.

Well speaking of TNA, the cuts are coming . Its being thrown around that TNA needs to cut 15-20 people off of their roster and of course every body has an opinion on that subject . I still say that they have a even better shot at doing damage  to Smack Down on Fridays and should think about some Friday specials before Smack Down moves to SY FY. 

that’s all for now . Still got a full plate so I don’t know when Ill be around , could be tomorrow could be next month. 

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