Squared Circle Blog” Raw, Nxt, Where are They Going with This

Trying to get a handle on where this storyline is going.

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“ Squared Circle Blog” Raw, NXT, where are they going with thisFor all of you WWE Marks out there in Cyberspace, put down the Cool Aid for a minute and take a look at the big picture . They have front loaded all of the top stars onto Raw and the shows are still terrible . The guest host thing more often gets in the way of the flow of the show and lets face facts , most of those people have no idea where they are or what the hell to do.So someone comes up with the grand plan of recycling a failed Pay per view concept , Cyber Sunday, into a three hour Raw show .  We get Jericho and the Big Show in a Slam Match, Koslov and Santino in a Dance off, and Maryse winning a pointless Diva Battle Royal.  The topper, all of the stars in your ground breaking new show’s first season run amok , beating down the face of the company , a hall of fame ring announcer, ring crew and anyone else that got in their way. Now really is what TNA doing that much worse then this .Just  how PG is it to have your number one star, who has serious neck issues of his own, taking cloths line after cloths line in the middle of the ring. How PG is it to have all of your Employees get beat down and the ring to get trashed . They can’t keep straddling the fence on this . It’s either a wrestling show or it isn’t and right now I just don’t see the wrestling end of it.Practically speaking , how long are they going to keep all of these guys under contract when the show NXT was supposed weed out the ones that aren’t ready for prime time. I mean the talent rooster is thin because of injuries , but it isn’t that thin.Then Tuesday night, we had the second shot in this brewing war between the rookies and their pro mentors . With Matt Stryker selling his wounds from the previous nights festivities , all of the pros ganged up on all of their rookie charges and beat them down. So now both groups are in the mix and the master mind of this whole thing has yet to be revealed . The big buzz being that Michael Cole was the only one that escaped any injury what so ever. But if he is the man behind this revolt , what was all the heat with him and Daniel Bryan . I have think that Cole at best is just a face for someone else in the wings.To some this up , this is one of those things that they go gung ho with until something either happens to pull the plug or they don’t do anything with it and it dies a slow death on its own. In any case , I don’t hold out much hope that this storyline going any where. I hope I am wrong but based on the product they have been putting out for the past few months I just don’t see it.Jeff Hardy’s Legal problems keep getting pushed back so him playing a bigger Role in TNA is still on hold . Superstars is getting bumped back to 10 next week so they will be going up against Impact, stay tuned there. Hopefully they will get their act together and get going again.

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