Squared Circle Blog: Monday Nightwars The First Shot Fired

Jan four starts the new Monday night wars.

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Monday Night Wars: the first shot

Well the first shot has been fired and it was a pretty damm good one if you ask me . While I can’t say that TNA hit it out of the park last night and they did recycle a lot of WCW Gags, but they did come to play and the next few weeks are going to be a hoot. from the opening segment when Jeff Hardy came out of the crowd and planted a chair into the back of Homicide’s head, to Flair rehashing the old black scorpion gimmick, to the NOW ‘s beat down of Mick Foley, it was like WCW had risen from the grave. while on the other side of the cable Dial , a Hall of Famer came back and buried the hatchet with one of his rivals while getting buried by the other .

Bret “the Hitman”Hart was standing in a WWE ring twelve years after the fact ,face to face with his principal rival HBK buring the hatchet . there was a little back and forth about who did what and who got screwed .they shook hands and then the Hitman called out the Boss and the Boss let him Simmer on that one.The opening and the closing where about all that stood out in my book. the Whole Kofi Orton thing is about played out so that match didn’t do that much to settle things there . Jericho is the only interesting guy on the Raw roster.

The biggest surprise of the TNA was the signing of Jeff Hardy. the enigma came out of the crowd after the stell Asylum match was called when Homicide took out the others with a retracktable Baton.Once again Hardy got a big pop out of the crowd .I’m sure with all of his legal troubles and the fact the the travel schedule is much lighter where the main reasons for this but you know this has to chap Vinces Ass real bad that he did it. I’m wondering if they are going tro have him hold the X division belt or just put himin a program with Homicide .

Bischoff’s grinning face was all over backstage last night as well. Making the match with AJ and Angle , and generally throwing his wait around tearing up the script for last nights show. Easy E does know what he is doing but he doesn’t have an blank checkbook to wrk with this time.

The biggest fear I have is they will abandon there home grown talent for more imported people with baggage and bad health problems . they have the talent , just write the story and let them do it .

any way keep checking things out at sportales .com and at my new blog called Marla’s Ring. I will have links at the bottom of this page.








Well that’s all for know .

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