Squared Circle Blog: Mitb, Pending Decisions for Creative, Congrats to Kane”

Fallout from Money in the Bank, Kane’s Big Night, Who is the GM.

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                       “Squared Circle Blog: MITB, Pending Decisions for creative, Congrats to Kane”

Sorry it took so long to get to this. I had some things that needed getting done. Since its a few days removed and you all know the results of the Money in the Bank PPV, I won’t bore you with the results of the show. I will say that up until the end of the cage match between Cena and Sheamus, it was a pretty good show. But then we had to go one step beyond the point of reason and get Nexus in on the match to screw Cena. I have to say that they seem to be on cruise control with this angle, which would indicate to me that they haven’t made up their mind about how it ends. 

The biggest rumor floating around cyber space is that a big name is going to be the faceless GM that has been controlling the Nexus from behind the curtain. THe two name’s being thrown around are HHH and Cena.  Well HHH has wanted to go Heel for a bit and the smart Money is on him but lets just think about this whole thing for a minute. I know that Merchandise is a big revenue stream for the WWE and if they turn the biggest merchandise seller Heel, they will take a hit. That being said, this past Monday on raw having Cena align himself with some of his sworn enemies to get rid of the Nexus was a little bit lame. In theory none of those guys like Cena and he has no real reason to trust them either. Now if this is all a ploy to get them in the same ring with Nexus then reveled that Cena is the leader that would work and the Shock waves it would send thought the wrestling community ,both online and in general would keep people glued to the WWE for weeks.  The chances of this happening are slim to none but I thought it should be put out there to chew on.

On the Smack Down side of things, big time congrats goes out to the big red monster Kane for winning the MITB match for the WHC and then cashing it in and beating Rey Mysterio to become the only man to hold the WWE, WHC , and ECW belts during his career. A lot of people have been saying for a long time that Kane has been nothing more then a Jobber since taking off his mask but you know what , if being a Jobber means that he helped get some people get over then well he has done it well. Besides I’m definitely seeing a Kane vs. Undertaker match at Summer Slam. 

On the TNA side of the coin, it looks as if they are taking a page out of Vince’s Book and renaming their Hard Justice PPV “One last Stand” after the one night stand ECW show in 2005. This is a calculated risk that isn’t being received all that well by the Internet crowd. My take is if they don’t carry it out to long it could go a long way toward getting some of their people over.  Heyman has not committed to anything with TNA so it looks like Tommy Dreamer and Mick Foley are going to be the out front guys for this angle. I at the very least intrigued by the Main event signed. RVD will put his TNA belt up against Former ROH Champ and TNA, WWE, Alumnus   Jerry Lynn. This will be a good match that more then a few people will want to see.

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Well that’s it for know, I’ll try to get something else up by the weekend.

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