Squared Circle Blog; Awesome Kong vs. The Glamazon

What might happen if the WWE would think outside the box and sign Kong.

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“ Squared Circle Blog” Awesome Kong vs. The Glamazon

In a marquee worth of a drive in theatre , the WWE now has a chance to plunge a dagger into the heart of TNA and at the same time upgrade their own Women’s division . The Million dollar question is will they, or do they have the guts to do it.

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ong and TNA have all but parted ways after the Love sponge incident. All they are doing now is trying to decide how long a no compete clause she has. So ends the era of Kong, the most dominant knockout since theKnockouts came into being. She along with Gail Kim elevated the women of TNA from just Eye candy to actual in ring wrestlers that drew ratings. And know with Kong on the open Market sooner rather then later, and Beth Phoenix being at the beginning of a Baby face push, who do they get to go after the Glamazon. Well it’s fairly obvious that they don’t have a suitable foe for her and since nobody really wants to go down the Chyna Road, why not sign Kong.

What you do is have Beth run rough shot through the ranks of the Diva’s on both shows maybe even have her hold both belts and just wipe the floor with everybody except Gail Kim. You then have Gail start Teasing a big surprise for Beth and that’s how you bring Kong in with Gail as her sort of manager . Maybe you have some sort of Diva group that is after Beth with Kong as their weapon .

The matches these two could have would be awesome, pardon the pun. Beth is probably the only one that could match Kong’s power and if she sharpens her skills , she will definitely be the better wrestler of the two. Imagine having a Diva Match on a PPV that serves some other purpose then a Bathroom break for the people watching it .

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