Squared Circle Blog; Another Princess in The Royal Family

Thoughts on HHH’s new daughter Lance Cades death, and More.

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                            “Squared Circle Blog: another Heir to the Empire, Cade Back lash, Random thoughts”

Breaking news from Titan Towers, the Levesques’s have another princess ready to take her place in the Royal Family. Stephanie and HHH have welcomed their third daughter into the world, Joining her sister’s Aurora Rose and Murphy Clair as the heirs to the Family Empire. The Genetic Jackhammer strike again as HHH cements his standing with the family and its holdings.  Hopefully this is the end of the baby making for awhile so daddy can get back to work.

With the death of Lance Cade and Linda’s senate Campaign heating up the drug issue has been rearing its ugly head a lot. Chris Nowinski and Linda’s Campaign PR people have been trading press releases for a while now and while it makes for good copy in print and on the net, there is nothing new to be learned from all of this. Cades Death was a tragedy and no amount of finger pointing is gong to make that any better. Linda doesn’t help matters when she says publicly that she “might have met him once”.  Nowinski’s Arguments have merit and the WWE has taken steps to fix a lot of these problems, but when does the issue of personal responsibility come in to play. When are these men going to be held responsible for what they do to themselves and the dangers of how they push their bodies beyond the point of reason?

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Quick note from the MMA front, Former TNA and WWE star Bobby Lashley lost his first MMA fight this past week.  Reports are that he looked heavy and he had to be hospitalized for extreme dehydration after his fight with Chad Griggs. It has also been talked about that his lack of submission skills is what might be his biggest weakness.  I say that after the long layoff he had between fights that he wasn’t in fighting shape.  The amount of fluid he had to get should be a big clue.

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Nothing much new on the Nexus front. They got rid of one guy and then Sheffield broke his ankle in a house show in Hawaii. The biggest news is that night of Champions will have a six pack Challenge and Barrett is one of the six. Orton, Edge, Jericho, Cena, will all take on the champ Sheamus and the winner at the end of the time limit becomes the champ. The weird part of this whole thing is that Orton of all people is getting the biggest baby face pop out of all of them. Purely by accident, the WWE and its creative nitwits now think they have the next Stone Cold in Orton and all the Voices in his head. I guess it’s a good idea but what happens when you make him a face and you can’t turn him back to a heel. 

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Late breaking news, in the wake of the passing of Lance Cade there has been another. Former ladies champ Luna Vachon was found dead a little while ago, details are pending. 

Last but not least TNA is on the rise and based on the net chatter is that they have things finally got things going in the right direction. The challenges that they face are , hoping the Jeff Hardy situation works out so he can be freed up, Signing 3D to a new contract soon because there is a move to pull them back into the WWE,  and in my opinion , keeping Curt Angle in good health for what is probably his last big run before he hangs his boots up. 

Well that’s it for now. I should have something new by Monday.

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