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Pro wrestling Op Ed.

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Week two of the new and improve WWE and I cant wait for tonight’s RAW. Last week the opening twenty five minutes was some of the best that they have done in a long time. Overall the RAW show was above average and I hope they can build on the momentum they started last week.

Right off the bat, I don’t think that CM Punk’s title reign is going to be very long but he has been given a golden opportunity to carve his niche among main event wrestlers for years to come . Despite backstage grumblings about his work ethic, it’s clear that he gets over with the fans in a very big way. As long as he doesn’t do anything stupid , his place is pretty much set.

Ron “the truth” Killings has been doing his fair share of Dark matches since they signed him months ago. The same can be said for former seven time tag champ Chris “Wildcat” Harris who is right now in FCW scrapping off the ring rust and dropping a few pounds before he gets to play with the big boys. There is the same story all over the net today that the both of them are do for a big push what ever the hell that entails.

The next thing I would like to discuss is that were in the hell is Beth Phoenix . I have said this on more then one occasion , if there is one area that TNA is cutting into the WWE dominance it’s the female division. The knockouts in the ring are far better then the divas and given the fact that the newest knockout blew her leg out at an indy show I don’t know why they aren’t at least talking to Chyna with the whole awesome Kong challenge . But back to The Glamazon. She hasn’t been seen since Melina got hurt. There has been no injury report and Mickie James has moved on to Katie Lea. One of the most impressive female wrestlers since Chyna has just vanished and I don’t get it.

Glad to see that Cryme Tyme is getting some air time also. With the whole second generation thing going on with the tag belts they are going to need credible foes to go after and the shape of tag team division, Cyrme Tyme is all they really have.

Another interesting twist to the new and improved WWE is the fact that Steven Regal’s suspension is all but over and begs the question what do you do with him. I know that he comes with bus loads of baggage but the fact is your short good heals on raw and you need a guy like him move the story along whatever the story may be.

As far as the injury report goes , Kofi Kingston suffered an eye injury in a non title match with Charlie Haas . Nothing has been reported as to how bad it is. And CM Punk broke Snitsky’s nose with a GTS .

As far as the talking head part of the equation , Michael has been getting an ear full over the head sets from Vince of all people. Vince was the one that put Cole in the situation and he really doesn’t need to press the issue right know when he has more pressing problems.

Going back to a subject I had talked about before , Moose’s surgery went well and the word is she will be out for a minimum of six months . I know that I seem overly fixated on the female divisions of both companies but one sets them selves up as the best looking women on TV. One has to back that statement up. Gail Kim is still one of the looking women on either side of the ring and the WWE through her out like so much trash.

Finally ,there seems to be an interesting direction that Kane’s character is taking . After the four way was over on Monday night he attacked Michal Cole and kept shouting “is he alive or dead” . Oddly Paul Bearer had no real comment on his blog other then to say “interesting storyline isn’t it”. that all for know, you may here from me late in the week.

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