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                                         “ Squared Circle Blog” Davari pops his head up. 

Well it had to happen sooner or later, there’s been a Davari  sighting somewhere over on HD Net TV. He was a casualty of war beginning between WWE and TNA and has since popped back up on Ring of Honor and cut a promo at one of their tapings in Philly. I always thought that this guy was a hidden talent that was only pushed so far and then just tossed of in a corner some where until it was time for him to go. I hope he finds a good foothold in ROH and does well.

It’s now being talked about on the net that with her music and TV career stalled , Brooke Hogan may be joining the Impact Zone down in TNA. For those of you that didn’t see that one coming , open your eyes please. The girl cant function on a day to day basis without her famous dad, and what she going to do, she cant wrestle. I have my doubts that she can do much of anything . Wait a second she’s perfect, put her in charge of the knockout’s division and put her in with the “beautiful People” as like some sort of Advisor. They suck up to her because of who her Dad is. Could work and it’s not the dumbest thing that the women have had to do.

And while we are on the subject of Diva’s/ Knockouts , with the impending crowning of Gail Kim as the next Diva’s champ, why not pull savanna over when ECW switches over to what ever the hell it’s going tobe and have her do Run in s against other Diva’s dressed as Gail Kim .  She looks enough like Kim to pull it off and you have her roaming the back getting into all kinds of mischief . Have her knock out cold the real Gail Kim’s opponent for a given Raw and the the real one shows up late and every one wonder’s what got into her.

Believe it or not, while they are really flushing ECW down the drain , some genius’s in creative are throwing the idea around that the WWE should keep around the ECW Belt. Why? What possible reason could you have for keeping the belt around when you’ve done everything under the sun to destroy the Concept of Extreme Championship wrestling .  Look if you guys are really thinking about keeping the belt around , turn it into the ECW TV championship belt and who ever holds it has to defend it on all TV shows . 

A bit of a sad note. Ron Simmons Retired this past weekend after being on the short end of a Tag match at a show in Georgia .  Simmons is recognized as the first African American singles champ to hold a world championship back in his WCW days . I always thought it was a mistake for him to jump to the WWE when he was so hot in WCW. He was one of my favorites for a long time and I never liked the name Farooq. 

And finally on the MMA front , over the weekend Herschel Walker won his first MMA fight and know Jose Canseco wants to fight him. The only real question I have with this is with Jose being such a Steroid advocate , will he submit to a drug test . Herschal Walker will Kill you Jose and I would almost pay a Dollar to see that. I thought that the whole point of MMA was to legitimize the sport by taking the pro wrestling promo out of it but with this and the Green Ranger , a former Power Ranger also Winning his debut, I got to wonder. 

Well that’s it for know, as always there will be links at the bottom of this page for previous blogs. Please check them out and let me know what you think.





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