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Pro wrestling op ed.

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Raw opens with Kane and Kelly Kelly . Why they are rehashing the Kane and Lita thing. It gets cut short when HBK’s music starts and the first of four matches gets under way to determine the number one contender for Cena’s belt. the winner of this first one will go along way towards figuring out where they are going with the JBL HBK storyline . HBK wins with sweet chin music and JBL was watching in the back.

The promo in the back before the first match was Glamarella challenging Cena to a tag match. They told him to find a partner and since they are in Canada, I’m guessing that his partner might be newly resigned Diva Gail Kim. She’s from Canada and she was trained in Canada so I think it’s a good bet.

One part of the new Legacy Manu squares off against Kofi Kingston next. Kingston has been on the fast track since his debut earlier this year and he is one of the company’s bigger stars. I’m still not entirely sold on this second generation stable because they have dragged their feet on getting up and running . And I got to ask the question again, is this Legacy group going to extend to Smack Down with the plans for a new Hart foundation.

Well they did it , they just pulled HHH into the whole JBL HBK mess. I knew that he would be involved some how but how much will he be involved is the big question . I still don’t see how all this will lead to the Undertaker vs. HBK at wrestle mania 25.

There was a Diva tag match that just ended with Melina pinning Jillian with that spinning sunset flip she has been using since her return. I have to say that since she’s been back she has looked good. It will be interesting to see how they handle the Raw Diva’s if Gail Kim is in the mix. I still think that Gail Kim would be a better fit on Smack Down to prop up the lack of decent in ring Divas on the show.

JBL and Rey Mysterio are going at it right now and this is another part to the JBL HBK mess. Rey has been taking a big beating from a lot of people for a while and I don’t know if he can hold up for the long haul. Well it just happened , HBK pulled JBL out of the ring just before a 619 and slapped him. This causes a BS DQ and JBL wins. This just keeps getting worse and worse by the week. Now you have JBL and HBK in the same Fatal four way next week to decide who the number one contender is for the rumble.

While I have a minute , it was announced that cable super station WGN out of the windy city is entering into a deal with the WWE to have a WWE Superstars type show . There isn’t a lot of details on this so as I get more I will pass them along. The one thing I have to say on this getting involved with another cable super station conjours up ghosts of WCW that I don’t even want to think about .

In a complete BS move , Batista forfeited to Orton because of the punt to the head . I didn’t even want to listen to Orton and I was on the phone anyway so what the hell. This cant make Batista happy at all.

In the last match , Punk and Jericho went at it like a couple of wild dogs. The most important thing to remember about this match is Punk is still the number one contender for the IC belt so he wont be working in number one contender matches.

Well I was wrong , I thought it would be Gail Kim but I forgot the reports that Toronto native Trish Stratus was going to be at the show tonight. Silly me , there is a fair amount of talk that Trish does want to come back. Well in the end, Cena and Trish saved Santa Claus and Christmas despite the fact the majority of the crowd was boooing Cena , what else is new. All I have to say is where the hell is Gail Kim.

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