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My thoughts on the Royal Rumble and how it might affect Wrestle Mania 26.

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“ Squared Circle Blog” Rumble Surprises

Well they have been talking around it for a while .Edge is back and just in time to win the rumble this past Sunday. The problem is in doing so and having him eliminate Cena they shot themselves in the foot yet again as far storylines go. The original plan was to have him eliminate Jericho , but given the whole Helms Jericho thing in Kentucky , they blew that one up in a hurry.

So know where do we go from here. Shemus is still champ without a possible opponent for the desert and WM 26, Orton is going to be helping Ted Dibiase Jr get over with his face turn . Cena looks like he and Batista might be going after each other , I tell you it’s a mess . They had a series of elimination chamber qualifiers on raw last night and I assume that the picture will be clearer after that PPV but who the hell knows these days.

One thing is definitely still on track is the showdown between the Hit man Bret Hart and Vince . They are taking their time selling this point but it’s good to see the Hit Man in the ring again . The way it is shaping upright now , it looks like Vince and Batista vs. Cena and Hart . The only real problem I would have with this is that for a guy that pretty much has abandoned Tag team Wrestling , why would you have Tag Team as one of your Main Events.

On the Jericho front, for all of the good work he has done over the past couple of years , he really is starting to whine a little to much about things. Yes Chris . TMZ.com is beating a dead horse with following up on your arrest earlier this week but lets be fair, you also made a giant ass of yourself a couple of months ago in California and they covered that one too. You ever stop to think that your on their radar and just cool it for a bit. As for Helms having a Narcotic muscle relaxer , I hope that he has a prescription for it other wise he might be off to the land of no work for ninety days of no work before he gets to join his friend Jeff Hardy in TNA land.

Speaking of the other guys, oddly enough Bret Hart had Dinner with of All people Jeremy Borash on Monday. In the middle of all that’s going on , that’s just plain weird . There were other TNA employees there as well so that doesn’t do anything to explain it . I would have to think that this doesn’t sit well with Vince , given that he fired a guy and split up a tag team over going to a TNA show.

So far , any heat at all between Vince Russo and Bischoff and Hogan has been well hidden from the public view . I don’t want to think that they are looking for a reason to can him , plus as long as he has a filter of Bischoff or Hogan to run it through , he should work and play well with others.

Well that’s all for right know . Come check out the links at the bottom of this page and be sure to let me know what you think.



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