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As the specter of ECW is about to rise from the ashes yet again, the supposed saviors of TNA have been keeping their distance from the whole thing. While Hogan and Bischoff have attended all the normal production meetings , but Hogan has looked visibly uncomfortable taping segments all week long and said to be shaking his head behind closed doors. Well you know what, if they pull this off and get the bumped that they need, he might be shaking his head a lot more. Both he and Bischoff have to shoulder some of the blame for the hole that TNA is in so lead follow or get the Hell out of the way Hulkster.

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Shocked to her that Sunny won’t be coming to the show. Since Dreamer is in charge, I got to wonder if Beulah will be there. She and her girlfriend always made things interesting but I doubt it that TNA wants to go that far.

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I am really beginning to think that Jericho is stating to by into his own hype a little too much. With a DVD coming, Fozzy releasing another Album nobody will buy, and a game show that has all but been cancelled, he still has the Stones to talk smack about TNA creative. Wrestling has given you everything you have and you’re going to walk away and play for awhile, I don’t think so. You’re not the best ever.

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On the Heyman front, there is hardly any word on whether Paul E will be at the show on Sunday. He has been in informal talks with Dixie and TNA management for a few months now but things aren’t moving so don’t expect Paul E to be there. I am still of the opinion that if Dreamer pulls this off, his seat at the Creative table just got a lot warmer. On the negative side of the equation, 3D is said not to be happy with the whole idea of doing ECW again. They both are currently negotiating new deals as theirs are about to expire soon.

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I’m guessing that the WWE has forgiven Medusa for that whole belt in the trash thing since they are featuring her on their “Where are they Now” segment on wwe.com. Just finished part 1 and am really looking forward to the next part. Always liked her and always thought that as an in ring performer, she was way ahead of her time.

A new logo has surfaced on the net and it looks like an updated version of the old WWF logo from the nineties. I think that updating some things would be good idea and I do like how this looks.

It came up last week that in a match with Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy on Impact, Vince Russo told Jeremy Borash to count down the match from thirty seconds, thus giving away the fact that it was a time limit draw. Joe went ballistic back stage and the upshot is Joes is suspended and has been photographed hanging out with WWE stars don’t know what to make of this but Joe is important to TNA’s Future so TNA needs to fix this quickly and quietly. Besides with if Joe was to go to the WWE, the first thing Vince would do is stick him in FCW and tell him to lose weight.

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