Problems with Prowrestling

Open letter to anyone that actually cares.

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First of all I want you all to know that I love wrestling, had loved it for 22 years now and nothing changed about that. I still watch and I still get emotional about it, there is no doubt in my mind that it is one of the more important things in my life. I am a fan, a true fan, sticking with the product through thick and thin and… I am worried, worried about the state of that what I love and truly enjoy, it is noticeably going downhill.

While there is a lot to choose from and in some cases the quality is just as high as it ever was (nod to CHIKARA), there is a problem in places where it matters the most in the general picture and that is main stream scene. You can get quality from small promotions, but they aren’t the ones that keep the interest of most fans and they won’t be the ones that – if nothing changes – will pull professional wrestling under.

When I was growing up I had the privilege to watch the greats of this sport and yes, while a lot of people won’t give wrestling that, it is a sport and highly competitive one at that, just in a different way. Men and women work for hours and hours, day in and day out, holidays or not. They combine pure strength, speed, skill, charisma, role playing and passion (of course not all of them at the same rate). While the outcomes are predetermined and most of the things that happen aren’t real (if they did, we would see a lot of fatal accidents), but to strip those people of the right to call themselves athletes… That is a travesty.

And yet everyday I see the slow downfall of the industry. There is a lot of wrong being done and the ones that are to blame, the ones that like to play politics behind the scenes, think they know better and that they know whats best. Well they don’t. They turned the product that was fascinating into a predictable mesh of commercialism and bullshit.

Personally I miss the times of one-liners, catchphrases, over-the-top characters that had great in-ring presence and knew how to work the crowd. How to say, what to say and when to say it. We don’t have a lot those anymore. People back then knew how a wrestling match should look like, when someone went for a finisher that meant the end, there was no kicking out from a Piledriver, Chokeslam or a Powerbomb. Back then everything meant something. When a guy was climbing the corner of the ring, people were on their feet going crazy, cause it rarely happened, it was *the* moment crowds were waiting for. Right now, to get a decent reaction you need to jump from a 4 story building holding a rake, while doing 5 backflips… while on fire. There is something called “too much” and we – the fans – are subjected against our will to that. There seems to be too much of everything, everything that should be there, just not in that quantity. Too many commercials, too many cookie cutter good and bad guys, too many high risk spots, too many storylines that never seem to change, too many segments that come from who knows where and go nowhere, in which people seem to talk way too much. On the other hand we have not enough characters, not enough thought put into feuds, not enough in-ring time for actual wrestling, not enough care and finesse, not enough surprises and shocking results (and “shocking” here doesn’t mean gory). That is not how you build interest, that is how you build frustration and eventually resentment. You can blame the fans for leaving the product, but there is only *this* much we can take and some of us reach that point faster then others.

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