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Further complicating Smack Down’s pecking order is the fact that this past weekend Edge was seriously injured at a House show . He has a torn Achilles Tendon and by most estimates will be down till the first of the year . This coupled with the fact that Jeff Hardy is still on the fence about leaving and his “estranged” brother Matt Hardy is having surgery and will be out for a while as well. This will mean that they will have to replace Edge in the night of Champions match with Legacy . It also means that they will have to have Jericho and Edge drop the belts to free up Jericho for more singles matches, assuming his health is good also. With the Undertaker still out , someone is going to have to get a bump up from the mid card . My Guess Morrison gets a bump since he was next in line

Staying with the tag teams for a moment , it looks like they are going split up the Colon brothers after what just happened on TV. The Colons just lost their second rematch with Edge and Jericho and Carlito turned on the younger Eddie and threw him over the announce table. This means that they are going to pull a new tag team out of their creative ass’s . maybe Cryme Tyme will get their big break.

Just a little blip, Super Crazy is going to be working a TNA House show in Texas next month. Sure beats that Trans sexual luche dore they were going to hire a couple of months ago. I hope they give him an honest shot.

In other news , its being reported from that the new Pay per view ,

There is a report out that is saying that a major star got a pass on a drug test . There are rumors going around that a big name flunked a drug test and that WWE Officials are covering it up. Whoever it was wasn’t suspended and now several wrestlers backstage are mad ,questioning the validity of the whole testing process. While I went even hazard to guess who it is . This is something that could be a huge problem if they don’t deal with it soon. The bottom line is is while I don’t think they have let somebody slide before , I’m pretty sure they have had quiet suspensions where wrestlers have just been off with an injury or just taking time off.

Under the heading of future booking Ideas ,apparently FCW developmental Diva Angela Fong is constantly being mistaken for Gail Kim, if they are that much alike ,and I have seen the pictures, this could be the way that the Diva’s to have a interesting story line . You have the fake Gail do Run ins when real Gail isn’t in the building yet and have her mess up a few of the Divas. You carry this out further having the fake Gail create all kinds of mischief and mayhem backstage until you have them confront each other in the ring. What you would do after that is up to creative.

Well that’s it for know , might have something else in a day or two. Till then see yaa.

“Breaking Point” is going to be an all submission show . while this sounds like a good idea in theory , they only have two wrestlers that regularly use submissions ,Cena and the Undertaker . So if they’re going to do this they are going to have to do a whole lot of selling to pull this one off. It might be a good idea for them to have a few submission holds that no one had ever seen before .

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