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Well the big switch has happened and the WWE has pulled out all the stops to bring Smack Down to a new level to go with its new network. Thursday night , the my network presented an hour long edited version of Wrestle Mania 24 with a few new angles cut in for effect. The following night was the new “Smack Down” on My TV and it featured a barrage of champion versus champion matches that the loyal WWE fans don’t normally see on TV. Its my guess that for the foreseeable future , you’ll see a lot more of these cross show matches if the creative team can justify them. My idea would be to have a TV champ that would defend a belt between all three shows . They could be required to defend the belt every 2 weeks but only on one show at a time. Then you keep shifting shows to make sure the viewer would follow along.

This past Monday’s Raw had a great deal more energy than the past few weeks . From the opening segment when Batista put down Santino Marella quick only to have JBL put him down quicker. To the close of the show with HBK struggling to get to his feet after he splashed his former protégé ,Lance Cade , from the top of a twenty foot ladder. Better matches and a faster pace for the bulk of the show is a much improved from the past month. I hope that part of the reason is that their not scripting everything and just letting the talent work some of it out on their own. Jericho and HBK is proof of how well that can work. Jamie Noble is involved in a good program with William Regal and Layla. Noble is a hidden talent that I think gets held back only because of his size. This is a mistake , and I hope they give him more TV time. I was thinking that maybe on Raw he wins the lottery or discovers that somehow he and Regal are related and then that would make Noble royalty also.

I keep hearing on the net about this wrestler that they just signed from Japan . With the last name of Yamamoto , if and when this guy is ready to come up from FCW, should have Lawler help him get over. For the uninformed fan, back in the day in Memphis, the King had an ally slash enemy for a long time by the name of Tojo Yamamoto who played a big part in his early career . I was thinking that one night Lawler gets into something with the second generation stable and this guy comes out and saves him.

While we are on the creative subject, it seems that Vince wants his talent on all shows to be better actors. Word is he has charged the newest member of the creative team, Freddie Prinze Jr, for this task. Now I know that I have brought this up before, but if they are serious about improving the woman’s division, why not get Mrs. Prinzes in the mix . Sarah Michele Geller is a talented actress who has done her share of action roles and she could be a big help to a stale part of the Whole WWE brand. At the very least she could help them reintroduce Gail Kim to the WWE . You could have her in the audience on Smack Down and some of the Diva’s are giving her grief and challenge her to get a partner and have a tag match. Imagine the reaction if she came down to the ring with Gail Kim.

The Undertaker’s health is starting to become a serious issue. When the headline on the internet is “Early onset arthritis in his knee” that might be a problem . Not a real good sign going in to a PPV against the Big Show. There’s even been some blurbs about a dislocated finger. The only thing that has come out is “ He works bang up and has for years, that’s why he’s so respected.

Turning the page to the completion . Two weeks ago, TNA handed out paper work to its talent roster on its new drug testing policy . It promises thirty day suspensions for first time offenders and harsher penalties for repeat offenders. I’m sure that the locker room sis on pins and needles waiting for the wrestling boot to drop. In other TNA news. Jeff Jarrett has taken an interesting way on the creative side to help push his return. Curt Angle gave an interview to the UK Sun in which he bad mouthed TNA management about how things where run saying there where to many gimmick matches and not enough wrestling matches. Jarrett has been using this as the whole the young guys don’t respect the old guys in the locker room storyline. It has led to some of the best promo’s that Sting has done in a long time. Its also help put the Hardcore Icon, Mick Foley in the middle of him an Angle. Finally ,TNA creative has dropped Frank Trigg temporarily from the show. They have said that its because they don’t have anything for him to do, but I would guess that it more to do with the MMA style match against AJ Styles at the last PPV bombing in Toronto. What ever genius thinks that you can merge the worlds of Pro Wrestling and MMA needs to go back to the drawing board and try again.

And know for my predictions for this Sunday. Rey versus Kane I have to pick Rey because taking Rey’s mask off in WCW didn’t work and it wont work here either. The woman’s belt is up for grabs when Candice Michelle goes after the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. Candice has looked real Rusty since her in ring return and she still can’t match Phoenix’s power and skill so Beth retains the title . The next one worries me. The Undertaker up against The Big Show and with all the chatter about the Undertaker’s injuries this one cant be that good. I wonder if they might have Show win just to put Taker back on the shelf and get him right. Next up is a important one for Raw. Batista Versus JBL. Important because the winner of this one will have a Championship match at the next PPV. I have to say this will be Batista because of Bradshaw’s health and because Batista has been grumbling in the back. For the ECW belt Matt Hardy retains probably by a DQ because Tony Atlas is not very slick about his interference lately . Make it a double header for the Hardy Boys when Jeff pins HHH and finally gets his day in the sun. just one thing Jeff, sober up before you get on a plane. Finally the Main event ladder match with world champion Chris Jericho takes on HBK Shawn Michaels . What I think is going to happen is that HBK wins and then turns around and loses to Batista on Raw the next night.

Well that’s it for know, sorry it took so long to get this out. I hope to have something up by Tuesday or Wednesday depending on my schedule. Till then see ya.

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