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Welcome , how ya’ll been, just thought I’d check in and let you have my little slant on things just two days before the Judgment Day PPV. It would seem that big things are going on be hind the scenes .

With declining PPV Buy rates and TV ratings for the now six hours of programming they have a week, Vince is said to be on a big time kick to change things up. Of the many things that are being thrown around ,getting a lot of fresh faces in different places hence the draft moving all the big names around. Your going to see some turns, ex. Morrison is now a face . Not to mention the fact that your going to start seeing some new faces up from Florida Championship Wrestling to see if they can get anyone over . And on top of all of this , longer matches , pump up and push the tag teams , and less stupid comedy bits ala Santino/Santina. You know what , if they would spend less time worryng about internet leaks and maybe more time reading what some of the people actually say on the Net, they may have solved some of these problems six months ago and they would be in a little better shape right now.

Sad and somewhat puzzling news came from TNA this past week. It is official they have let Roxxi go. One of the hardest of the hardcore is now without a job. Six months ago TNA and their Knockout Division were the talk of the business and Roxxi was playing an important part in that and now with Gail Kim gone , Kong’s healthy in question at times, you let two of your better women get into it backstage and end up having to suspend both of them . Pay attention WWE, Roxxie is a great in ring talent who can offer yet another type to go against the standard WWE Blond , Saline enhanced Diva model they think is every mans dream. What they could do is have the Smack Down Diva’s all Turn on Gail Kim and when she needs help and then Roxxi comes out and they both Kick some Diva but. In the WWE way of thinking. I don’t see Roxxi as a Lita Clone , but rather as the only Female Roadie on an extended tour of an old metal band .

The Nature Boy is dying to get back into the ring . Apparently there is all kind of money in Europe that wants to see the Natch get back in the ring. There’s just one problem, he wont do it without the approval of the WWE and Shawn Michaels . He says that because of the way he went out he wouldn’t disrespect what Shawn and Vince did send him off.

Finally , Kurt Angle absence from TNA has been explained. He is doing Movie in his hometown of Pittsburgh. It costars Nick Nolte as the Alcoholic father of a sons who were wrestlers but train for a big MMA Tournament with a prize of o Five Million Dollars. Having seen the clips of Curt as the Killer birthday clown, I hope this one works a little better.

Well that’s it for now, talk to you again soon.

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