Pandavision #3 – Indygurlz War of The Roses Two

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IndyGurlz returns with a gem of a DVD in War of the Roses II this month.  For those unfamiliar, Portia Perez and Sumie Sakai wreaked havoc throughout 2011 in their attempts to attain the championship, which led to the this event.  To decide the future of the IndyGurlz championship, Team Mercedes Martinez must survive an onslaught from Team Portia in a best of 5 series. 

Gerry Strauss did his best to convey this in his commentary, and that’s good, considering the lack of promo time, interviews or background footage to build the emotions of this viewer.  There were also so minor echoes in the audio and bad shot selections by the cameraman, but this isn’t a corporate production and it is good for what it is.  Wrestling.

Whether intentional or not, these matches took me through the growth of not only wrestlers, but wrestling styles.  Team Mercedes includes Jana, Jesse Brooks, Annie Social, Kellie Skater facing Team Portia with Niya, Amy Morgane, Angel Orsini, Sumie Sakai.    That’s right WSU fans, Orsini & Martinez are on opposite teams!

This will be a spoiler free review, but in a best of 5 series, we all know it will be tied 2 each going into match 5. 

We begin with Jana vs Niya, and Niya got the crowd chants started fast with her mid 80’s Samoan style.  She slowed the pace and really worked like an old school heel with holds and submissions.  Jana played the role of stoic  face, but I will admit I laughed at the cliché headbutt spot, and pleasantly surprised by a inside cradle rolled into a front face lock submission.  Memories of Lance Storm are always a good way to open a show.

Jesse Brooks vs Amy Morgane was next and I felt bad for Jesse in this one, aside from the Power Ranger chants she was pummeled and stretched relentlessly by Mademoiselle Morgane.  Showing of her European training and sensibilities, she decimated Jesse most of the match.  Gained a lot of respect for Jesse in this as well, as she took so much punishment but never stopped fighting. 

As we move through the styles we come to Angel Orsini vs Annie Social.  I always mark a bit for Annie and here she makes a rare appearance as a face!   Now this was not as good as I had hoped, and it is most likely because of Angel’s ring gear not quite fitting and a few wardrobe malfunctions along the way.  That said, she plays the bitchy heel as good as anyone and Annie easily mastered the classic babyface comeback. 

Now we get to the good stuff, the match I personally wanted to see, Portia Perez vs Kellie Skater for the IndyGurlz Australia championship and I could go on for hours about this match.  Both wrestlers are starting to find that balance between action and performance, whether its playing to the crowd, rudo posing or push up contests.  They turned this vocal crowd up another notch before the bell rang.  Actually Kellie led the crowd in a ‘Ding Ding’ to get it started.  This was a match and a brawl and if there is an IndyGurlz best match compilation, this is near the top, rivaling Sumie vs Inoue and Eagles vs Del Rey.  This match is worth the price of admission in itself, and the chop fest must be heard to be believed!

 These two workers prove that the future of wrestling is in good hands.

While the future is safe, Sumie Sakai vs Mercedes Martinez is anything but.  These two put on a crazy street fight brawl that one-upped the previous match, going through the crowd, over the crowd, on top of the stage.  Sumie’s relentless psychotic barrage kept increasing the violence until the great run in after run in after run in finish that includes a swerve WSU doesn’t want you to see!

Definitely a must see match and DVD for fans of wrestling and women’s wrestling alike.  I look forward to what happens next, just hope I don’t have to wait another 5 months to see it.

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