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The CrazyBoxMan returns with his insight on Puro action! This time he goes on about ProWrestling Zero1 and their PowerxPowerxPower Show.

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Zero1 -  A Promotion once built on Tradition, Work rate and Wrestling. Their Focus mainly being on In-Ring skill and ability. With their Old School feel and talent for pulling a crowd into the match themselves. This is My Review of Zero1’s  May “POWERxPOWERxPOWER” Show.

       Pro Wrestling Zero1presents.. “Zero1  POWERxPOWERxPOWER “

                      ~ Tokyo Korakuen Hall  ~ (05-16-2012) ~



Match 1 :  Hiroyo Matsumoto (Ice Ribbon) vs. Yuhi

 ~ Here we are, the opening match, we have the 26 year old “Lady Destroyer” of  Ice Ribbon facing up against  the rookie Z1 prodigy Yuhi.  Yuhi a trained Kickboxer at the young age of 17! Made her Z1 debut just a few short months ago and has shown great potential but tonight she faces a tough challenge in Matsumoto, in a tough back and forth match with lots of good action. Yuhi lands alot of kicks (her kickboxing background shows) but still displayed excellent wrestling and high flying skills. Landed a nice looking Tiger feint back-kick variant on Matsumoto, later attempted a sloppy German Suplex hold. Despite her efforts over powered by the more experienced Matsumoto, who finished her off with a sloppy backstabber.  A good opening match with a few flaws but was still very enjoyable!



Match 2 : Battle Royal :  Shito Ueda vs. Takuya Sugawara vs.  Nick Primo vs. Craig Classic vs. Raideen vs.  Marcus Bean vs. Sean O’Shea vs. Mikey Broadrick vs. Menso~re Oyaji (Okinawa Pro) vs. Yusaku Obata (Freelance)

~ Midcard Batte Royal to keep this show rolling, featuring 4 of Z1’s home team, 4 Gajins & 2 Outsiders. Lots of spots in this one, Ueda and Former K-Dojo/Apache Pro challenger Yusaku Obata really taking it to each other in the early part of this match, both knocking each other out and continuing to fiercely brawl all the way to the backstage Area.  A possible feud could be brewing between these two up and comers. The Aussie Team of O’Shea & Broadrick take over as they eliminate Canadian Marcus Bean and Nick Primo. (son of Former WCW Cruiserweight , Prince Iueka)  Both where then in turn eliminated by Menso~re Oyaji after a bit of comedy followed by a spot where Sugawara attempted to use his DG Plastic Container (a Favorite Foreign Object of Dragon Gate competitors) after a ref bump that saw Sugawara eliminated by Craig Classic with a lil help from Raideen, Sugawara in retaliation pulls Craig off the ropes and eliminates him leaves Menso~re Oyaji  to face the tought Aussie Raideen. After some back and forth and a BIG Spinebuster from Raideen, Oyaji is finally eliminated with a Huge Lariat from the big Aussie. A solid win Raideen who know looks to challenge Shito Ueda for his NWA United National Heavyweight Title. A Good match with lots of spots and feud building!

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    Akebono ruins everything

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