From The Rock to Brock

Brock Lesnar back in WWE.

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                Well we have seen John Cena take on the Rock, now “Here Comes The Pain”.  Brock Lesnar is back in the WWE and he’s gunning for Cena.  This could be Cena’s toughest match to date.

                Lesnar already busted Cena’s mouth open and says Cena is peeing his pants.  There will be no rules when these two go head to head.

                Cena has held many WWE titles, but has never held a UFC title.  Cena has never stepped into the cage.  Cena can take a lot of pain and can give out a lot of pain, but can he take Brock Lesnar’s pain.

                Lesnar an amateur champion wrestler, a three time WWE champion (he took the title once from the Rock), and UFC champion, is looking to make another name for himself.  Lesnar was champion when Cena was first starting off.

                Lesnar’s come back was the biggest thing to happen to Raw.  I believe his comeback was bigger than the Rock’s.  We had to wait to really see the Rock in action, Lesnar already made Cena taste his own blood.

                Lesnar wasn’t really mature enough his first time in the WWE.  This time I think all WWE superstars need to be very afraid.

Brock Lesnar This picture is not copyrighted. I took it with my digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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