Dead Man’s Hand

I look at the new guys in town.

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“Dead Man’s Hand”
Let me start off by saying that it’s tough to judge these faction long term storylines because they will all be eventually compared to the mother of all Factions. MEM, evolution, and all the others will all be compared to the one idea that Bischoff had in his entire career, The N.W.O. . . .

Hulk Hogan joined TNA in late 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most all of them don’t hold a candle to the master plan to set the wrestling world on its ear by turning Hulk Hogan heel and having him reek havoc for the next year or so. This Aces and Eights group has shown a great deal of promise in my book because they aren’t rushing it out there.  The mistake that is made is they rush these things out there with out a general direction and group to go up against. I am amazed at the shear numbers that Aces and Eights threw at the Impact Roster last Thursday and I have a feeling that Aries hand injury is going to be the way they get the belt off of him before BFG.

I certainly hope that Jarrett is behind the whole thing. Him coming back and making a power play to regain control of what he and his dad started. Even have his dad pop up in an advisory type role to do battle with Dixie, Hogan and Sting.  You can even work in a jealousy angle about Sting getting into the HOF before the Jarrett’s.
Luke Gallows and Chris Masters are some names being thrown about as members but I had a thought about this as well. If you tone John Morrison down and alter him into a biker type and he would be a perfect part to the Aces and Eights. He could be the Aces and Eights X division guy and help that division into the storyline as well.

I have not talked about ROH for a few reasons. Mainly because outside of Haas and Benjamin, Jay lethal, I don’t know that much about their roster. I have been watching them a little recently and I got to ask one thing, this Steen guy is either a wrestling psychology genius or just plan certifiable. He needs to hit the Gym no doubt but he does connect with a live audience like any one else working for ROH. Stay tuned for more.

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