Cm Punk or Wolverine?

This is an article matching two superstars, that bear a resemblance not many people have seen before.

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Cm Punk, a champion who is famous all around the globe. He currently holds the World Championship for wrestling in the WWE, and has remarkable acting and fighting skills. Cm Punk’s cocky attitude attracts the fans, and his lack of respect for the General Manager makes us chuckle.

Then there is Wolverine, portrayed by Hugh Jackman. His character is a mutant who has remarkable healing capabilities, and 3 metal claws on each hand. In the movies, he has very nice taekwondo moves, and his slashing manuevers are deadly.

Kids all around the world worship these two amazing men ; they do have great talent of course. So my question is, do you see the resemblance? And if these two men fight to the death, who would win. Maybe they are secretly twin brothers, I mean look at those beards!

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