Brock Lesnar: The Man Fans Love to Hate

My take on Brock Lesnar.

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Brock Lesnar was a professional wrestler now turned mixed martial artist and is one of the more controverisal in the sport today. Brock started out his career as an amateur wrestler who won the 2000 NCAA wrestling championship after finishing as the runner up in 1999. He was a very talented young man and after finishing college headed for the bright lights of the WWE. During his reign at the WWE he held the championship there three times and became the youngest to ever hold it, even once. He attempted another career briefly in 2004, he attempted to make the Minnesota Vikings and made it through the preseason but ended up being a later cut by the NFL team. He then joined the New Japan Pro Wrestling league where he won the championship in 2006 and held it until he was stripped of it in 2007. In October of 2007 Lesnar signed a contract with the UFC and despite losing his first fight ,to Frank Mir via submission, Lesnar gained enormous respect as a true fighter because of how he hand handled the former champion Frank Mir. On November 15, 2008 Lesnar defeated Randy “The Natural” Couture to become the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Since Lesnar has defended his title to Frank Mir in a rematch at UFC 100. In a classless act following the fight Lesnar proceeded to start on an attack of his very reputation and dignity. He started by insulting a half conscious Mir while he was peeling himself off the mat and in response the crowds boos fingered the entire stadium. He concluded his act by telling commentator Joe Rogan that he was going to drink a Coors Light that night instead of Bud Light (UFC sponsor) because they “won’t pay me nothin’” as he said and told the entire audience he was getting on top of his wife that night. Due to these acts alone and his previous career as a professional wrestler in the WWE he has become the fighter fans love to hate. This can only do good things for the UFC and mixed martial arts, many more people will tune in to see somebody try to beat the man they all want to lose, Lesnar.

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