Are There Electronic Ghosts Too?

This is a true story. My son and I experienced it……….

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My son must have been about twelve because this is the last real “TOY” that he received for Christmas.  It was called the “Titantron”.  Why?  I have no idea.  It had nothing to do with what “Titantron” would seem to mean.  What it was, was a Stage with the Announcer and all the Wrestlers of the Day for the WWE or WWF or whatever they called it.  If you have a 12 year old son and Wrestling Mania is still out there, that is an age when they seem to be most enthused.  I mean, every single Thursday I made way so this kid could watch this spectacle. 

But back to the Titantron.  You put in the batteries and the lights would flash all over the stage, the Announcer would be there looking all life like and the Wrestlers with objects that they are famous for using, like one of them was famous for picking up a chair and hitting someone with it (is that dirty Wrestling or what) and another with a pail.  Get the idea yet?

If you’re a Parent, you also know that Toys R Us, was sort of costly to get the raging toy.  I always went there, always had his toys bought and paid for no later than October or November, so since this was the last as far as Toys were concerned, I thought the Titantron was a cool idea.  So did he.  He played between gabbing on the phone with friends after Homework. 

We found out that leaving Batteries inside anything was bad because still batteries can corrode and break the whole system so we always removed them when he wasn’t using them.  Then one day we were just sitting in the living room talking and the Titantron was in his room, sitting in a corner.  All of a sudden we heard the Announcer, and all the Sound Effects go with it and we looked at each other.  We went to his room and the lights were flashing, the noise was going and there were absolutely no batteries inserted whatsoever.

We left that game alone for good.  We left some things up to logic, but for sure, that thing did not travel with us to our new home.  Believe it. :)

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  2. Posted September 23, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    Interesting! I’ve learned something new today. Thanks Jswana.

  3. Posted September 23, 2012 at 1:15 pm

    hahah , there has to be some explanation for this sudden action of the toy :p
    Surely scary :p
    good decision to leave it behind :p

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    Good work thank you for sharing.

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    Thanks a lot for this liked it

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