Curse Ridge No. 11 at Ac Milan

AC Milan is one of the biggest clubs in Italy, maybe even the world. Until recently, AC Milan is the most successful club in the world because of a successful team with the largest collection of international titles. In addition, in the domestic competition, AC Milan holds the title as Italy’s most successful club in Europe, with seven Champions League titles and other achievements were lined up in European and World level.

But in the reality behind the glorious and long history of Milan, there is a prevailing myth until now, that player number one jersey with 11 mostly unsuccessful play at this club, although the status of star players coming through. At least this myth increasingly crowded open for discussion since the beginning of the millennium. Here are the players.
1. Rivaldo
Rivaldo came to Milan with the World Cup star status in 2002. In Barcelona, Rivaldo is a superstar. Rivaldo’s move to Milan became big news. Rivaldo became the player with the highest salaries in the club at that time. But what was given Rivaldo? Throughout the season, in Serie A Rivaldo mence ploskan only five goals. Inevitably, the purchase of a failure of Milan’s Rivaldo.

Although hardly a failure, Gilardino also can not be called successful. Gilardino failed to show sharp when the strengthening of Parma, who scored 24 goals during the second consecutive season. In Milan, Gilardino to be blunt. High expectations of the public will not pay off goal-tally. Even if the score, rarely Gilardino scored a decisive goal. Gilardino is not able to form the main pedestal assault Il Rossoneri

3. Borrielo
After hijrahnya Gilardino to Fiorentina, Boriello become the owner of this number. Boriello returned to Milan after spending the previous season on loan at Genoa. In Genoa Boriello very sharp and often decisive victory of Genoa. However, all is lost in Milan. Boriello very often struggled with injury after injury that continues to happen to him. After replacing the number to 22 at the beginning of 2009/10 season, only then can rediscover Boriello acuity and ferocity in front of goal.

4. Huntellar
Kaka’s departure to Real Madrid brought grief. Results pre-season tests confirmed that Milan really need new and young striker Filippo Inzaghi considering the age of an increasingly elderly. Come Huntelaar. High hopes resting on the shoulders of Huntelaar. Instead, it often becomes Huntelaar bench warmers Milan, because never scored a goal in 13 games early Italian league. Huntelaar could be said failed in his first season at Milan.

6. Jose Mari
Jose Mari, Spanish-born players played very well when uniformed Atletico Madrid. Milan was no doubt spend 10 million pounds of money to see his actions in front of goal. Instead, Jose Mari menceploskan only five goals from 52 appearances in Milan during the season 2000-2001. Lasted only one season in Milan, Jose Mari “repatriated” to Atletico Madrid for not sharp.

7. Crespo
Maybe a lot of questions about Hernan Crespo are not included in the list of players who are less fortunate at the top. This is not another because during one season playing in Milan in 2004/2005 season, the status of Milan’s Hernan Crespo was not due to a contract player, Crespo is still tied with Chelsea and coming to Milan on loan players. However, Crespo performance worthy thumbs up for playing all my heart in Milan. Crespo is the best performance in the Champions League, especially when removing Manchester United in the quarter-final and final against Liverpool at the party. Syangnya Milan then lost concentration and eventually defeated on penalties.