Serena Williams Won Her Fifth Wimbledon Singles Title Winning The Finals Over Agnieszka Radwanska

Serena Williams won her fifth Wimbledon title winning the Wimbledon Women’s finals today defeating Agnieszka Radwanska with an awesome finals.
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The finals of Wimbledon Women’s final was between Agnieszka Radwanska who was in the grand slam finals for the first time against the four time Wimbledon winner Serena Williams. Radwanska indeed is called a very clever player for her intellegence when playing the game of tennis being world number 3, still she’s being called an underdog when playing against Serena Williams, who is world number 6. Serena Williams who had recovered fully from pulmonary embolism where she nearly lost her life, is not an ordinary player with this victory in the 2012 Wimbledon giving her the fifth Wimbledon singles title.

    In the other hand, Agnieszka Radwanska who is not so experience, was also quite sick suffering from problems related to her respiration due to which she even could not attend a press conference yesterday. When it was Serena Williams entering the finals against Radwanska after beating Victoria Azarenka, it was for Radwanska to understand that she needs to get some tricks with intelligence for this game.

Well, after a heavy tight match that begun at 2pm BST, it came to a conclusion, Serena Williams won the 2012 Wimbledon Championship, getting her fifth Wimbledon singles title. Serena Williams won the Wimbledon finals against Agnieszka Radwanska 6-1, 5-7, 6-2!

  The Wimbledon ended with Serena Williams getting victorious with her last shot of victory and then collapsing in the ground and then with victory embracing her opponent to the net. Then, came the family, with a warm hug from her father, mother and Venus Williams. Angieszka Radwanska on the other hand was blowing her nose with a handkerchief as she was still sick though she too had made a great effort in her first time in the grand slam finals. Serena Williams actually has the record of being the first women who is over 30 years to win Wimbledon ever since in 1990, Martina Navratilova won.

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