How to Thoroughly Clean Inground Swimming Pool Steps

Learn how to clean in-ground swimming pool steps.

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Swimming pools provide entertainment, exercise and relaxation to homeowners around the world. However, swimming in dirty pools is unsanitary and unappealing. As with all interior surfaces of pools, steps are exposed to dirt, calcium scale, algae buildup and oils. This accumulated residue on pool steps provides breeding grounds for bacteria and other contaminates. Since many fiberglass, concrete and vinyl in-ground pools are equipped with matching molded steps, the steps are cleaned similarly to pool walls.

Things You Need

Nylon bristled wall brush

Non-abrasive chlorine-based liquid 

Non-abrasive tile sponge

Cotton cloth


Nylon scouring pad

Pumice stone

Step 1: Scrub each step thoroughly with a nylon bristled wall brush. Use the curved end of the brush to scrub the crevices and corners of the steps.

Step 2: Apply the recommended amount of non-abrasive chlorine-based liquid to a non-abrasive tile sponge. Read the manufacturer’s label on the bottle to determine the exact amount of liquid to use.

Step 3: Scrub the steps with the sponge to remove all grime. Dampen a cotton cloth with water.

Step 4: Rub the damp cloth over the steps to rinse away the chlorine-based liquid. Inspect the steps for remaining grime and stains.

Step 5: Scrub the steps with a nylon scouring pad, if grime and stains remain. If difficult residue still remains, rub the steps lightly with a pumice stone.


-Use a cleaner recommended by your pool’s manufacturer to ensure no damage occurs to the steps.


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Image via Wikipedia

Never use a wire brush to clean fiberglass or vinyl swimming pool steps; these brushes can leave stains and rust on pool steps. 

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