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Explains about the rules of competitive swimming and hockey, how to do each swimming stroke, how to perform each personal survival shape and positions in hockey!

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There are 4 different competitive strokes in swimming. The fastest competitive stroke in swimming is front crawl. The second fastest is butterfly, which is then followed by backstroke and then breaststroke. Each stroke has different movements and rules which will be explained later on.

Front Crawl (Freestyle)

In front crawl, you keep your upper body straight, and legs slightly sloped into the water and bent at the knees, kicking in an alternative action with movement coming from the hips. You should always look forwards with your head up. 

 Your hand should enter the water in front of your head thumb first, whilst your other arm is pulling through the water underneath your body in a ‘S’ motion, finally accelerating towards your thigh. 

As your arm enters the water in a slight bend, your other arm should be leaving the water elbow first. 

The arm in the water should be pulling the water underneath your body in an ‘S’ motion. Your other arm will be entering the water in front of your head. You then repeat this motion, breathing in just before your arm enters the water. On average, you should breathe every 3 arm pulls.


Backstroke is like an upside down front crawl and is the only competitive stroke to start in the water (the other 3 strokes start from a dive). 

Lie on your back and look towards the ceiling. Kick your legs up and down in an alternative motion which comes from the hips. Make sure when you kick that your ankles are relaxed and your toes are pointed. 

Your left arm will enter the water above your head and will move downwards and outwards, while your right arm comes out of the water in a straight motion. 

Under the water, your left arm continues to bend as it moves through the water, straightening and accelerating towards your thigh as your elbow reaches your waist line, therefore, getting a better push of the water. Now, your right arm should be straight over your head and entering the water little finger first. 

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