A Bit Winded

Has it really been that long since I swam?

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More of a personal article than some of my recent posts, but it was kind of a revelation that I had while teaching swim lessons tonight.

I’ve been swimming pretty consistently since November, because that’s when High School team has their first practices. I usually hit the pool and gym a few times before, and last year was no exception. I qualified for the league competition, and was a member of a Districts qualifying relay, but wasn’t quite happy. For all 3 years of being on the high school team I wanted to do one thing: make a State cut, most of which involved breaking our school’s old and slow records (we haven’t had a good swimmer in years, but a few were broken this year). I decided to join a club team, even though my last experience hadn’t been pleasant (Evil. Coach. Must. Die.). I swam the remainder of the short course season, and did the entire long course season. 

I would have gone to the post season (championship meet) for long course, but I had a bad last meet (I kinda sorta ate McDonalds like an hour before my important race and almost threw up on the last leg…). I was pretty ok with it though, it just gave me more time to focus on my job (lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons) and homework (lotso AP summer stuff).

So I’ve maybe been out of the water (well, out of swimming at least) for two weeks. I haven’t really been working out, maybe a little set here and there when I feel with it, and my birthday fell in that time so I haven’t been eating great (closing the pool at 10 and having a 45 minute drive home to get food instead of stopping at a Jack in the Box doesn’t help either). 

Today I was trying to show one of my students a flip turn, so I did maybe a 12.5 sprint free, a good flip turn, then a few breakout strokes, but it winded me pretty badly. That startled me. I used to be able to sprint a full 500. I did it at league with my goggles full of water. I did it after a workout and set a 20 second personal best. Is it really that easy to loose all those months of conditioning? I guess so.

And we have another two weeks until short course season practices starts again, and a little under 4 months until High school season starts. I can’t even think about losing all of this practice and time by waiting to practice for those next 14 days. It disturbs me, legitimately scares me, and I want to do something about it.

So starting tomorrow, I’m getting on a good sleep schedule (no more 2 am Minecraft expeditions, or sleeping in ’til noon), Eating well balanced meals (all the food groups, no excess bad stuff, more fruits), and hitting the pool (I just love morning lap swim…. yes… that’s it…).

It will help, I’ll get it all back pretty quickly, I always do, but I hope this stays with me. I honestly hope I can keep that fear of losing it all to keep me working my hardest, doing things that I don’t really want or like to do, and from forming bad habits. My goal is to make state, and I’ve already put so much time into it, but I guess this is kind of like a wake up call. I need to really get serious if I ever want to have a chance of breaking our 5:13.96 500 free record, or making the 5:01.45 state cut, let alone place next to the 4:35’s that win that meet.

Alrighty then, I guess I need to write a workout for tomorrow and just set the alarm. Goodnight. As my math teacher used to say (He was big on quoting movies while we practiced our trig) “You have to chop the wood and carry the water, put the wax on and wipe it off, and put your nose to the grindstone to get anything done. Even you guys who have just been good at everything and have had everything come easy your whole careers will eventually hit something that they can’t handle. For some of you that will be trig, for some of you calc, or maybe something not related to math at all. But eventually, you will hit it, and you will have to work to get it down. You will have to focus, work hard, and do some things that you don’t like, but when you finally do get it, everything clicks, and you meet that goal, it will be worth it, and you will be a better person because of it. Now, what’s sin(pi/2)?”. He was big on motivational speeches when we slacked off, too. 

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