The How and Why Behind Boardshorts

Boardshorts are everywhere these days. Much more prevalent than surfboards themselves. With the rise in popularity, one may wonder then how these shorts came to be.

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Everyone has seen the guy walking around in long shorts with some kind of floral pattern and wondered what use he could possibly have for those shorts. These shorts are called boardshorts. Before they became popular as a fashion item they were mostly used at the beach by surfers and swimmers who wanted to get in the ocean. They were originally only worn by men, but recently there have been some designs made for women as well, as surfing increases in popularity with women.

The reason that boardshorts are so popular with people who like to get into the ocean is that they are designed to dry very quickly while someone is getting in and out of the water at the beach or at a pool. They are not to be confused with regular swim shorts though. Regular swim shorts usually come with some kind of elastic band while boardshorts are designed with some kind of tie or button to hold them in place while in the water. This makes the boardshorts less likely to be swept away from the body while the surfer is in the water hitting the waves. This is the reason the boardshorts became so popular with surfers in the first place.

Many may wonder why these shorts were designed to be so long in the first place. There is a simple explanation for this. Surfers cover their boards with a wax so that they can keep their footing on the board while in the water and not slip off. Boardshorts were designed to be long to prevent this wax from getting on the surfers legs while they are preparing to stand up on their board. It is as simple as that. This wax can be very sticky and cause the leg hair of the surfer to get ripped out while they are trying to stand up on the board. Think how painful this could be once they end up in the salt water at the end of their ride. One could imagine how unpleasant that feeling could be.

The final thing that sets boardshorts apart from regular swim shorts is that they have pockets that can be sealed completely to protect car keys or other belongings that the surfer wants to keep on them while they go in the water. No one wants their car keys to get lost or stolen when they are in the water and boardshorts were designed this way to prevent such things from happening.

Many think that boardshorts look goofy. But, they were designed with a specific purpose in mind. They have been used by surfers for years to help them protect their belongings and cut some of the pain out of surfing as well.

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