WWE Extreme Rules 5/01/2011

Analysis and results from the Pay Per View event WWE Extreme Rules on 5/01/2011.

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We kicked off Extreme Rules with a last man standing match with Randy Orton taking on CM Punk. Orton entered the ring first then CM Punk entered with The New Nexus. The GM rang in and banned them from ringside so Punk took off one of the turnbuckle as he entered. With things looking good for Randy he was all over punk from the bell. However, once Punk found a stick, things appeared to be turning around then Orton got a hold of the stick and it was time for payback. After a couple of near ten counts for both men, Orton tried for an RKO but Punk countered and was successful on a GTS but Randy made it to his feet. As Punk was setting Orton up for something with a chair Randy hit him with the RKO but Punk would not stay down then on the outside of the ring Punk was setting up to GTS Orton off of the announce table when Randy countered and hit an RKO. Punk made it to his feet and Orton wanted to punt him but Punk caught him with a GTS again but to no avail. Back in the ring Orton would beat Punk with a stick and then hit an RKO from the ropes and Punk would not recover or beat the ten count.

Next up we would have a tables match for the Untied States Championship between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. Kofi used his quick style to gain the upper hand then the action moved outside of the ring as the two battled while setting up some tables. When Kofi was down Sheamus decided to move a table inside of the ring and then repeatedly threw it on top of Kofi and then stood on it. However, Kingston would even things up and has Sheamus was on the outside of the ropes Kofi hit a trouble in paradise but Sheamus did not go through the table. As he attempted to get back on his feet Kingston would climb onto the top rope and put Sheamus through the table on the outside of the ring to become the new United States Champion.

Following that would be a tag team country-whipping match with Jack Swagger and Michael Cole facing Jerry “The King” Lawler and JR. It would start with Lawler and Swagger as The King would whip Swagger out of the ring and in came Cole. He was covered with bubble wrap but The King managed to rip it off however Cole would escape and allow Swagger back in. Jack would wear Jerry down some and then allow Cole to whip him before Swagger would come in and apply the ankle lock. JR would whip Swagger from ringside freeing Lawler and tagging in. JR would then get Swagger in an ankle lock of his own but Jack would dive and tag in Michael Cole. As JR was whipping Cole, Swagger would interfere only to be hit by JR between the legs but as JR then started whipping Swagger, Michael Cole got JR in a roll up and pinned him.

On the card after that was a falls count anywhere match between Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio. Having faced each other quite often as of late these two are evenly matched and know each other well. They battled all over the arena then up into the concession area, from there they headed back down to ringside. Again being back and fourth as soon as Rey had the chance for 619 he would hit it to Cody’s midsection followed by a springboard to seal the victory.

Next would be a no count out, no disqualification, loser leaves Diva match between Michelle McCool and Layla. McCool got a cheap shot in on Layla as the bell rang allowing her to gain the upper hand first. She would keep momentum on her side for most of the match but could not finish Layla off. After a couple of near falls McCool would try and pin Layla one more time but Layla countered and pinned Michelle. After Layla left the ring Kharma made her debut and attacked McCool making a statement as the rest of the Diva’s looked on.

We would have a ladder match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship next matching Christian against Alberto Del Rio. Christian gained the upper hand first and when Del Rio tried to turn things around outside of the ring he would push Christian under the ring. As Alberto attempted to bring a ladder into the ring Christian came out of the other side and kicked the ladder into him. As the two battled outside of the ring Christian hooked up on a cross body off of a ladder then he would attempt to climb for the belt but Del Rio was not going to let that happen. This was a brutal match with a lot of flesh on steal contact. As the two battled Christian would pay tribute to Edge by connecting with a spear and would come as close as touching the belt but again get caught by Del Rio. As Alberto got his fingers on it next Christian dumped him off of the ladder on the outside of the ring while outside of the ring Christian got laid out on to a ladder stretching from the ring to the announce table. Del Rio would try to jump from the top rope but Christian moved and proceeded for the belt again. This time Brodus Clay would enter and take the ladder leaving Christian hanging from the belt but Clay pulled him down. After fending off Clay, Del Rio got Christian in an arm breaker through a ladder and continued to make his way up the ladder but just as he got there the sound of a horn honking filled the arena. Edge would pull up distracting Alberto allowing Christian to pull the ladder over and retrieve the belt becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion as was congratulated by Edge.

After this would be a lumberjack tag team championship match with Kane and The Big Show facing Ezekial Jackson and Wade Barret. This match was going back and forth and The Corre actually seemed to be gaining the upper hand when Jackson body slammed The Big Show but Barret tagged himself in so he could try to upstage Jackson by hooking up a Wasteland on The Big Show but Show countered and choke slammed Barret for the pin and win.

Finally a triple threat steal cage match for the WWE Championship with The Miz against John Morrison against John Cena. These three battled in the cage as The Miz tried to escape every chance he had and as Cena connected a five knuckle shuffle and was going for an attitude adjuster on Morrison, The Miz would sneak up and hit a skull crushing finale on Cena only to look up and see Morrison on top of the cage. The Miz caught him as the two battled on the cage and Cena made his way back so him and Morrison would connect on a superplex on The Miz. Cena got The Miz in the STF as The Miz asked for the door to be opened. He tried to climb out to no avail, as would Cena also to no avail. Morrison would climb the cage with Cena now chasing and The Miz would try to go through the door again but Morrison kicked it closed on his head. While The Miz worked on Cena Morrison again tried to climb out but caught on top by The Miz. The two battled on the top before The Miz came down and Morrison hit Starship pain on both Cena and The Miz from the top of the cage. Morrison would be the first one moving and attempt to go out the door only to meet R Truth who brutalized Morrison followed by Cena and back to Morrison. Truth then climbed out of the cage as all three men were down. The Miz being the first to his feet attempted to climb out but Cena caught him and they battled on top of the cage before both would end up on the top rope where The Miz would try a skull crushing finale from there, however, Cena would counter and hit an attitude adjuster on The Miz from the top rope and pin him to become the new WWE Champion.

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