WWE Extreme Rules 5/01/2011

Analysis and results from the Pay Per View event WWE Extreme Rules on 5/01/2011.

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We kicked off Extreme Rules with a last man standing match with Randy Orton taking on CM Punk. Orton entered the ring first then CM Punk entered with The New Nexus. The GM rang in and banned them from ringside so Punk took off one of the turnbuckle as he entered. With things looking good for Randy he was all over punk from the bell. However, once Punk found a stick, things appeared to be turning around then Orton got a hold of the stick and it was time for payback. After a couple of near ten counts for both men, Orton tried for an RKO but Punk countered and was successful on a GTS but Randy made it to his feet. As Punk was setting Orton up for something with a chair Randy hit him with the RKO but Punk would not stay down then on the outside of the ring Punk was setting up to GTS Orton off of the announce table when Randy countered and hit an RKO. Punk made it to his feet and Orton wanted to punt him but Punk caught him with a GTS again but to no avail. Back in the ring Orton would beat Punk with a stick and then hit an RKO from the ropes and Punk would not recover or beat the ten count.

Next up we would have a tables match for the Untied States Championship between Sheamus and Kofi Kingston. Kofi used his quick style to gain the upper hand then the action moved outside of the ring as the two battled while setting up some tables. When Kofi was down Sheamus decided to move a table inside of the ring and then repeatedly threw it on top of Kofi and then stood on it. However, Kingston would even things up and has Sheamus was on the outside of the ropes Kofi hit a trouble in paradise but Sheamus did not go through the table. As he attempted to get back on his feet Kingston would climb onto the top rope and put Sheamus through the table on the outside of the ring to become the new United States Champion.

Following that would be a tag team country-whipping match with Jack Swagger and Michael Cole facing Jerry “The King” Lawler and JR. It would start with Lawler and Swagger as The King would whip Swagger out of the ring and in came Cole. He was covered with bubble wrap but The King managed to rip it off however Cole would escape and allow Swagger back in. Jack would wear Jerry down some and then allow Cole to whip him before Swagger would come in and apply the ankle lock. JR would whip Swagger from ringside freeing Lawler and tagging in. JR would then get Swagger in an ankle lock of his own but Jack would dive and tag in Michael Cole. As JR was whipping Cole, Swagger would interfere only to be hit by JR between the legs but as JR then started whipping Swagger, Michael Cole got JR in a roll up and pinned him.

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