Winter Sports 2011

Winter Sports 2011.

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This winter is really hard. Not only that traditionally several silničáře surprised when clearing snow, but the roads are also now in early January as they once were carved sometime in March. And so rich snowfall in cities do not remember for a long time, after several years were also Christmas Snow … Fans of winter sports to enjoy it, I do already have temperatures well below freezing up to and I can not wait for spring. Anyway, for a good skiing or at least bobovačku ideal conditions. And then crawl into your nice room vytopeného feel free to be the winter games, why would Sun Her handlers are not winter sports too, but the studio 49Games prepared a continuation of its series. What time offer, how to play and can cope with its entertainment, real romp in the snow?
Dismantling of quality PC version of the Winter Sports 2011 begins with one very big problem, which for most players swarm the very first run – need a gamepad. For many games will the controller is recommended for comfortable playing, but here without you just luck. You mount the driver does not let the game or the start menu and the keyboard can not play at all. After all quite a shame, because as you discuss that in the later part of our current review, sports are treated fairly simple and straightforward, so I would not have been playing the keyboard, the least problem. On the other hand, developers have been solving this simpler and more convenient when you do not have much trouble with the conversion to computers. It is virtually a gamepad on what will be, although of course we will recommend a higher quality. Just must have two analog sticks, otherwise you’re recording, and after playing, because it will say 2011 Winter Sports begins on the menu, you can let go of any discipline, but is actually quite impossible to play.
So much for the first big disappointment. If you own a gamepad, you need not worry about it, but we do this step by the developers do not understand and condemn. When you play on a PC, so it just has to go with keyboard / mouse. Move directly to the content of the Winter Sports 2011 provides the fact that relatively much. The menu await you both offline and online modes, during which the skills can be compared with actual real players. The bid for one player stands ready to complete career mode, “quick acting Cup” and the training mode. In the latter definitely recommend to begin to learn to control everything. On the other hand, if you want to train, you can try your luck right in career at the start of the race you control is briefly explained.
His career has been achieved in Winter Sports in 2011 to handle all fairly and comprehensively. Choose your own team of riders and then they work to enhance, improve, win medals and gain success and prestige vstoupáte with ladders on top of all the best athletes in the world. Each discipline to play with another member of your team and you have to worry about a complete success. So little memory of last year’s Olympics in Vancouver. Indeed, she and the game itself is quite similar to the last official game of the Olympics. On the other hand, we add just the complexity of career Winter Sports 2011, good, something similar to us in Vancouver in 2011 The Videogame completely missing. Some sports are also more original, although again the process often does not reach the required quality. But back to career and your squad. With them go gradually prepared for the tournament, starting with simpler ones to the most demanding. Quite a welcome revival happened to gain experience. Once you succeed in any discipline, you can enjoy both a medal and precisely the points that can then be split between the skills of your athletes.
More difficult cups and competitions so later you can win both because you get a better skill, and your virtual player. On the other hand, it is nothing revolutionary or sophistication of what we were, sat on his butt. All of these elements is more like we need a standard, it should be like games of course. So I know how to work a career, as well as improving the skills of your athletes, so we have to say the events themselves. The Winter Sports 2011, see them together nine, some of them are original and imaginative, others quite boring and lacking in juice. But that’s how it always is.
Makes no sense to discuss in detail each of them, but briefly they say about at least some way of projecting from the line. Moreover, we note that we have the most fun in discovering just how that one works and how to play. Then it moved into a stereotype, znovuhratelnost are really not at a high level and pretty much buried the whole game. Especially in sports, not directly, we expect that we will discuss further and further. The total number of eight different winter sports sounds like a decent offer, but some of them are so similar that Take this number with caution. Like riding a freeride skiing (Freeride Skiing), Snowboard Cross, Snowmobile (scooters) are actually played quite well, just so your virtual athlete goes to something else. We ride scooters on paper sounded very tempting and unusual, but ultimately there is nothing happen. As probably the most original discipline so we could call figure skating. The original is no doubt, on the other hand, here again we have quite a problem with a completely plain and austere control. Do you feel like a musical game, where just hitting or holding the button that appears randomly on the ice. So in the end no glory. Quite disappointed we are jumping and beans, both of these disciplines are in fact quite stupid and boring. We positively assess the Cricket, in which, of course, skiing for the zastřílíte.
For such direct conversion of the consoles is sometimes a problem with your graphics. Here we are doubly worried when we did not get to the game menu without gamepad and also the first time released a resolution of 640×800 pixels. The view that was truly awful, but luckily you can set the resolution to increase and no problems were and Full-HD 1920 x 1080 pixels. After the video page Winter Sports 2011 does not at all be ashamed. Surprisingly nice cut-scenes are intermittent, which you’ll get the campaign before the races. Beautiful views are on track and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. Winter managed to evoke the atmosphere is really good. A little more experience could also provide graphics for the actual racing, it should play in the Olympics last year we had a lot more experience of speed. To a large extent, which we’re owed blurry blur effect, but why not. There is nothing like it. Even here do not expect first-person perspective, ie directly from the athletes’ eyes. In this respect, the game does not issue an innovative way, but keeps the stray controversial concept.
Winter Sports 2011, then certainly happened literally a flop, but not a great way and a sophisticated game. With open arms we welcome the relatively sophisticated career, as well as other bits having the task of keeping you at the game as long as possible. Unfortunately, the gameplay in any sport winter sport is so simple and straightforward, that today no one can hold more than a few hours. Once everything ozkoušíte and explore, so you gets excited. In the final evaluation of course we must not forget the disappointment of being faced at the beginning of next review – ie the need for a computer to play on a gamepad. Because we have some of those Bodíky final verdict on the pull. Visually the game is quite disconcerted, the graphics are adequate and attractive, although the Vancouver 2010 was nicer. Our assessment is equal to 60%. Until next time, we wanted a bit of sport záživnější processing, use and tweak to add more features to further motivate us to play.

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