Will The Issue of “Hijab” Disqualify The First Women in London Olympics 2012

Will the issue of “Hijab” disqualify the first women from Saudi Arabia in London Olympics 2012.

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‘Uncover your head or face elimination from the grand sports event London Olympics 2012’.  This is the key issue swirling around 16 year old first Saudi Arabian women to participate in Olympics, Wojdan Shaherkani. Being a Muslim, it’s obligatory for her to cover her head and body via Hijab, the traditional Muslim head scarf. Olympic committee is split into sections on the decision of allowing the first Saudi Arabian women to compete or to disqualify her from the mega event.  

Wojdan’s father is her coach and chief companion at the Olympics. The Olympic committee is negotiating the issue with Saudi Olympic Committee and International Judo Federation. The objection is pretty obvious, Wojdan have to compete the way same as her contenders. ‘Scarf can give her advantage over the others’ said the Olympic officials.    

There are tough decisions to be made by both the Olympic Committee and Judo contestant Wojdan. In the light of all these obstacles, Wojdan’s stand to stick with her cultural norms is noteworthy and impressive. From a nation where people are tweeting her with slogans as terrible as ‘prostitute’, I give a standing ovation for her determination to get this far.              

In my opinion she should be allowed to compete with Hijab. She is a role model for women in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Muslim World. This issue is not concise to the decision of covering one’s head and body; it’s about breaking the barriers of women prejudice, strengthening her skills and trusting her with the responsibilities of a nation, with hopes bulging for a change in the country.

Do you agree?

Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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