Why I Think Floyd Mayweather Can Defeat Manny Pacquiao

Sugar Shane Mosley has exposed Manny Pacquiao.

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   Pacquiao is a offensive fighter moving forward and  throwing hundreds of punches, but Sugar Shane Mosley moving backward and moving to his left, and throwing a left jab periodically, moving in circles, through Pac-man off his offensive assault. He made Pacquiao work, chasing him around the ring, and missing hundred of punches, he made the Pac- man fight moving forward, and had Pacquiao chase him through out the fight. This can tire any fighter, he couldn’t catch Mosley moving in circles, not only that, moving in circles diminish punching power, he couldn’t hit Mosley with full power. He frustrated Pacquiao and made him chase him around the ring, made him miss shots and waited for Pacquiao to weaken, and for his power to diminish. Mosley landed a straight left and pushed Pacquiao, and he went down from exhaustion. The best answer for an offensive fighter is defense, make him miss, keep your hands up, and wait for him to tire, and then land a bomb on him. Mosley because of his age didn’t have enough offense power to finish the job, and knock Pacquiao out. But he has showed the blue print to defeat, the Pac-man, use his offense against him, and he will wear himself out. Hit and not get hit is the way to defeat him. Pacquiao miss hundreds of shots against Mosley, but he didn’t make him pay a price for missing those shots. If he was quick enough, he could have hit him when he was out of position, and off balance from missing. There is a price to pay for throwing shots and missing, but Mosley didn’t make him pay, and it cost him the fight. Pacquiao was fighting and running forward and was off balance for most of fight, I was surprised Mosley couldn’t take advantages of this flaw and catch him running at him with a big shot.

  Floyd Mayweather is a master defensive fighter, and when you miss, he will make you pay. Pacquiao would get hit more than ever chasing Floyd around the ring. He has the speed to make him pay for missing shots, and he is an excellent fighter moving backward. Pacquiao will tire from chasing him and missing shots, and Floyd would slowly wear him down and then land a bomb on him. It is very difficult to hit Floyd and more difficult to hit him with a combination of punches, he is so skilled in avoiding punches, fighter get exhausted trying to hit him. Then he’s amazingly fast, no body has been able to catch him, and Pacquiao won’t catch him either. 

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