Who Has The Deepest Roster in The West?

This is an informative sports article analyzing the roster of each of the playoff teams in the western conference.

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This year in the NBA has been quite an odd season in itself. First and fairly we didn’t even know that we would have an NBA season due to the lockout. Next you have Ron Artest change his name to Metta World Peace which no one even knows the significance behind.  And finally through all the debating and negotiating the players and owners were finally able to resolve their differences and leave us with a shortened season. And because we actually have an NBA season, even though it may be shortened, there has to be a team that emerges to claim the NBA championship. But who really is the clear cut team to win the Western Conference?

If the season were to end today the teams that would make it from the West would be the Thunder, Spurs, Lakers, Clippers, Grizzlies, Mavs, Nuggets, and Jazz respectively. Out of these teams who really comes out to represent the West? Honestly you have to consider the teams  with the proven stars who can run a team and take over a game such as Durant for the Thunder, Parker, Duncan, and Manu for the Spurs, Kobe for the Lakers, CP3 and Blake Griffin for the Clippers, and Dirk for the Mavs. This leaves out the Nuggets, Jazz, and Grizzlies. Out of these 3 teams in my opinion the Grizzlies are the only threat to the other teams because of Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph and how far they got in the playoffs last year. One of the most fundamental aspects of a championship team is their depth so let us compare depth of these possible contenders.

            The Thunder have undoubtedly the best one two punch in the West with Durant and Westbrook but they also have other weapons. James Harden has come out to be a surprise this season coming off the bench and scoring 17 points off the bench and most likely going to be this year’s reigning 6th man of the year, which would help any team really. If you add the point totals of Harden, Durant, and Westbrook it comes out to be 2/3 of Oklahoma City’s offense per game which is more than any trio in the West. Outside of offense, by having Serge Ibaka, the leading shot blocker in the league, it really gives the Thunder an outstanding frontcourt alongside near 7 foot Kendrick Perkins.

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